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VALORANT Community Challenges: A Guide

VALORANT fans are in for a holiday treat this year – let’s explore how to claim Riot Games’ adorable Community Challenge stocking stuffers for yourself.

To celebrate the end of an exciting year of VALORANT, Riot Games is implementing one last holiday gift for dedicated fans. The event aims to show appreciation to VALORANT’s everyday players, creatives and competitors who contribute to the game’s vibrant, enthusiastic community. Over the next three weeks, players will have the opportunity to participate in end-of-the-year Community Challenges and have a chance to earn fun in-game rewards. Here’s how to snag some neat cosmetics simply by staying cozy and playing the game you know and love.

What are VALORANT Community Challenges?

VALORANT Community Challenges are similar to a VALORANT Battlepass or Episode Event pass. They are specific events that require players to complete an objective to receive a set of specified rewards. However, unlike a traditional battle pass or event, Community Challenges require the game’s entire player base to work together and complete community gameplay goals. Every player’s actions contribute to each goal, but the player base can only accomplish Community Challenges through cooperation.

How can players complete VALORANT Community Challenges?

Players complete VALORANT’s Community Challenges by reaching a specific and predetermined gaming objective. For example, the player base has to play a certain amount of Deathmatch games or use a gun a particular amount of times. Players can keep track of progress towards these goals on VALORANT’s official community channels on, Instagram and TikTok. Once the player base completes a Community Challenge, VALORANT’s socials will share a code they can enter to claim their prize.

What are the specific upcoming Community Challenges?

Upcoming community challenges are:

  • November 27th to December 4th
    • Gaining Approval in TDM: As a community, play at least 555,555 matches of Team Deathmatch.
  • December 4th to December 11th
    • It’s In The Cards: Contribute to 500,300,100 kills with either a Vandal or Phantom in any mode.
  • December 11th to December 15th
    • Spray and Pray: Earn 300,000,000 assists in any mode.

What are the Community Challenge Rewards?

  • Gaining Approval in TDM:
    • Seal of Approval Gun Buddy - a gun buddy with a gilded seal showing a thumbs-up gesture of approval.
  • It’s In The Cards:
    • Not a Peep - a comical player card of Skye shushing Phoenix.
    • VERSUS // Deadlock + Gekko Player Cards - a player card showcasing agents Deadlock and Gekko in a standoff.
  • Spray and Pray:
    • Wingman Spray - a hilarious spray depicting Gekko’s Wingman posted up with a Classic.

It’s easy to get excited after seeing these fabulous rewards, but hold your horses – the VALORANT player base still has to work to complete its challenges before anyone can receive the cosmetics. If you want to be the proud owner of the Seal of Approval Gun Buddy, new player cards or the Wingman Spray, log in from November 27th to December 15th to contribute to each challenge’s tasks. If all goes well, players can expect to approach the new year with their hearts – and cosmetic collections – full.