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Dep Breaks Record For Most Kills in VCT Match

ZETA DIVISION's Dep has surpassed all competitors for the most kills in a single VCT match
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A new VALORANT pro has taken the title for most kills in a VALORANT Championships Tour match on LAN.

Japanese VALORANT player Yuma “Dep” Hisamoto racked up 42 kills as Sova in an intense match between ZETA DIVISION and Rex Regum Qeon. The Pacific Last Chance Qualifiers match had a total of 40 rounds, including eight in overtime. The third map alone took more than 1.5 hours, allowing Dep to dominate as Sova on Ascent for 90 minutes.

Dep’s valiant effort not only earned him the record for most kills in a VALORANT match during a VCT competition but kept ZETA DIVISION in the upper bracket of the LCQ.

VALORANT Community Cheers on Dep

In response to learning of Dep’s epic achievement, the VALORANT competitive community called him the GOAT and echoed that “he is him.” While it was a fire match, not many were surprised and more so hoped to see Dep and his squad make it to the championships.

Dep averaged over 200 points of damage per round. But what made his performance even more spectacular was that 20 of the kills happened during the 16 rounds of overtime. He also had multi-kill rounds due to some clutches in overtime.

It was clearly one of the most incredible moments in recent VCT history but also solidified Dep as a real threat.

Before Dep, the record for most kills in a VCT LAN match was held by Cahya “Monyet” Nugraha of Global Esports, another Pacific region player. He had taken down 39 enemies but his team still lost to DRX at the time.

Who Is Dep?

Dep is a Japanese player that’s currently 22 years old. He started off playing Overwatch and PUBG professionally, even representing Japan in the Overwatch World Cup 2018 and the PUBG Nations Cup 2019.

Now, Dep plays for ZETA DIVISION. He joined in December of 2021. He often plays Jett and Sova, making him a formidable opponent in the Pacific region.