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  • Evil Geniuses defeat Cloud9 to qualify for VCT Masters Tokyo and VCT Champions Los Angeles.
  • What it means to C0M to qualify for VCT Masters Tokyo with his “friends”.
  • How EG C0M battled through self-doubt to achieve the “happiest moment” in his esports career.
  • What does C0M have to say to everybody that supported him on his VCT Americas League journey?

Evil Geniuses, The Underdogs With “Untapped Potential”

Evil Geniuses C0M and Boostio VCT Americas League

Evil Geniuses have qualified for VCT Masters Tokyo.

Prior to the start of the VCT 2023 season, many were unsure if Evil Geniuses would maintain their primary core seen in 2022. While the team always had the potential to become a top team, people questioned if the primary core of Corbin “C0M” Lee, Alexander “jawgemo” Mor, and Kelden “Boostio” Pupello would be able to stay together in the new league.

A few months later, the “potential” has finally pushed its way to the forefront of VALORANT as Evil Geniuses officially booked their ticket to VCT Masters Tokyo following their dominant 2-0 victory over Cloud9. For C0M, being able to experience this high point in his career with his longtime teammates was yet another “indescribable” feeling.

“Me, Jaw and Boostio have such a special bond not only as teammates but as friends. It’s unreal that we get to have this moment together after all the hardships we faced,” C0M said. “I appreciate them to the moon and back. I can’t believe how far we have gotten.”

One of the biggest pioneers for this team’s success has been Evil Geniuses head coach Christine “potter” Chi who has been a part of the organization since it entered VALORANT in early 2021. For C0M, her

“She pushes us as players so that we can go forward,” C0M said. “Even if we aren’t moving forward, she tries to lead you in the right direction and that’s somebody that every team needs.”

How C0M Battled Through Self-doubt To Qualify For VCT Masters Tokyo

C0M Evil Geniuses VCT Americas League

Evil Geniuses C0M after beating Cloud9 to qualify for VCT Masters Tokyo.

Leadership and direction stand at the forefront of any team competing at the top level of any competition. Yet, it can be hard to ignore the natural doubts that will cross the mind when things are going poorly. That self-doubt was always something that C0m struggled with for much of his career.

“I always felt I was looked down upon as a player and that people didn’t believe in my abilities or that I could compete at this level,” C0M said. “So coming from that low point and getting here is indescribable.”

For C0M, those battles will self-doubt were something that he really struggled with when the team was 0-3 at the start of the VCT Americas League.

“The first half of the season was honestly such a difficult battle for me, but I feel that it was all to help me grow as both a person and a player."

Every player going through a rough period in their career has one of two options. They can either choose to sulk in that tough moment or move forward. For C0M, every moment spent playing VALORANT and analyzing how he could become better was all to experience that moment of feeling like a top player.

“I told myself that I was gonna work so hard where I literally do not have a life,” C0M said. “I don’t have a life right now, but I’m succeeding at everything I’ve always wanted to do. That’s the biggest difference now and it feels amazing to see that hard work pay off.”

Now, that hard work is coming to fruition as C0M sets his sights on an exciting future with Evil Geniuses in 2023.

“This is by far the happiest moment of my career,” C0m said. “Before this and LOCK//IN, I had never played in front of a huge crowd so being here and feeling the energy of all the cheers after that victory just felt like a dream come true.”

EG C0M’s Message To The Supporters

Evil Geniuses C0M and Jawgemo VCT Americas League

Evil Geniuses C0M and jawgemo during VCT Americas League playoffs.

The past few years have been quite a journey for C0M. After pushing through all these low points mentally and competitively, he has finally found his way to the highest level of competitive VALORANT.

“Hard work really pays off and we’ve really worked to build our team chemistry and connection in this team,” C0M said. “It’s crazy. I keep saying it, but it’s just crazy. We did it and we are going to Tokyo.”

In the moments after this triumph, he wanted to take the time to thank all the people who helped him through tough times in his career to reach this high point.

“Thank you to EG for taking a chance on me and to all my teammates, friends, and family for their support throughout this season,” C0M said. “I wouldn’t be here without any of them because they know how down I was at one point in the season and I think it’s unreal how much support they’ve given me through all of this. I am so thankful.”

Evil Geniuses’ VCT Americas League postseason run is not over just yet. While they have already booked their ticket to VCT Masters Tokyo and VCT Champions Los Angeles, the team has an opportunity to win the entire VCT Americas League season.

Their next match will be up against LOUD in the Upper Bracket Final will take place on May 26 at 1pm PT.