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Evil Geniuses Crowned 2023 VALORANT Champions

Evil Geniuses are the first North American VALORANT World Champions following their victory over Paper Rex 3-1.
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The 2023 VALORANT World Champions are officially over as the Americas' Evil Geniuses have been crowned the champions of VCT Champions 2023. 

Heading into the series many were uncertain as to who the favorite was going into the Grand Final in Los Angeles, California. While Paper Rex came into the Grand Final through the Upper Bracket, the series between both teams in the Upper Bracket Final was a very close affair between both teams.

The series began with an even 1-1 scoreline between both sides. Evil Geniuses took game one while Paper Rex took the second game following a close 13-11 affair in game two. In the third game, Evil Geniuses took a commanding 9-3 lead in the first half before solidifying themselves one game away from the championship title.

The final game saw Evil Geniuses inch their way closer and closer to a championship title where they went into the second half of game four. Paper Rex fought very tough, but Evil Geniuses Alexander "jawgemo" Mor was unstoppable on Raze as he helped lead Evil Geniuses to the championship trophy.

Who are the VALORANT World Champions.

Evil Geniuses are the next VALORANT World Champions where they will look to continue their legacy and dynasty in the VCT 2023 season. They now join LOUD and Acend as the third champion of VALORANt Champions as they become the first North American team to win the final international VALORANT event of each season.

While the VALORANT competitive season for the franchised teams is now over, they will continue to prep in the offseason for the 2024 season.