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G2 Esports Enters Strategic Partnership with Version1 Ownership Group

G2 Esports will take over operation of the Minnesota Rokkr as part of a new strategic partnership with Version1

Version1 Ownership Group Partners with G2 Esports Expansion into North American with the Minnesota Røkkr in the Call of Duty League

  • Version1 ownership will become shareholders in G2 Esports, while G2 will receive operating rights to the Minnesota Røkkr Call of Duty League team.
  • Call of Duty League will be G2 Esports second entry into North American esports following their VALORANT team in VCT Americas league.
  • With this partnership the Version1 brand will be put on hold as the ownership group backs G2 Esports push for a bigger global footprint.

Some big changes are coming for the Call of Duty League Team the Minnesota Røkkr as the Owners of Version1 and G2 Esports enter into a new strategic partnership. Version1’s Ownership will become shareholders of G2 Esports and G2 in return will take over operating rights to the Minnesota Røkkr in the Call of Duty League.

"Today marks yet another huge and impactful milestone for G2 Esports as we continue to expand and push the boundaries of what we want to achieve as an organization,” said Alban Dechelotte, CEO of G2 Esports.

G2 Esports Brokenblade, Yike, and Caps LEC 2023 Winter Split

G2 Esports Brokenblade, Yike, and Caps LEC 2023 Winter Split

This partnership continues G2 Esports expansion into North American Esports following their entry into VALORANT and VCT Americas league with the acquisition of The Guard. With their presence in both VALORANT and the Call of Duty League, they have rosters in two of the biggest North American esports scenes.

Dechelotte also stated, “This strategic partnership brings us a step closer to our goal of expanding into the truly global esports organization. We’ve established ourselves as a powerhouse in Europe and it’s no secret that North America, alongside expansion into Asia, is a big priority for us.”

With this deal, G2 Esports is well on its way to becoming a truly global esports and entertainment organization with an impressive portfolio of professional gaming rosters including; VALORANT, Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Rainbow Six, Rocket League, Sim Racing, Wild Rift and now Call of Duty.

Jonathan Wilf, President & Ownership Partner of Version1, commented, “I am excited about the next chapter for the Version1 story. We continue to believe in the future of esports and know partnering with a top tier organization such as G2 will best position our group for future success.”

Despite that, with this partnership, the Version1 brand is being put on ice with no current plans to field competitive teams. Since their inception in 2019 they’ve created a loyal fanbase and cemented their legacy with major title wins in Call of Duty League, an international Rocket League tournament, multiple regional championships in both Rocket League and VALORANT Game Changers, as well as qualifying for six international majors across both titles.

G2 Esports win 10th LEC split title in Winter 2023

G2 Esports win 10th LEC split title in Winter 2023.

With their new partnership with G2 Esports, Version1 expressed excitement in seeing that same trend continue while increasing both of their global footprints.

Konrad von Moltke, Principal of WISE Ventures, commented, “We have been impressed with what G2 has built: a competitive powerhouse, a strong and growing commercial engine, and a passionate and loyal fan base. In what has been a challenging esports market environment, G2’s focus on sustainable growth has been remarkable.”