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  • Leviatán and Sentinels VCT Americas matchup in week three
  • Leviatán narrowly defeat Sentinels on Split 14-12.
  • Sentinels’ Zekken puts on a spectacular Sova performance on Ascent.
  • Leviatán’s Pearl continues to stump VCT 2023: Americas League teams.

Leviatán has added to the carnage of North American teams in the VCT 2023: Americas League following their 2-1 victory over Sentinels.

Leviatán and Sentinels entered today’s match in similar positions regarding the VCT 2023: Americas League standings. After both won their first series of the season, week two saw both teams falter as they came into today’s match looking to be 2-1 a third of the way through the regular season.

While both teams battled evenly, the first half went slightly in favor of Sentinels following a clutch 1v2 post-plant scenario from Sentinels’ In-Game Leader Rory “dephh” Jackson. That close battle continued in the second half of Split. Leviatán began their second-half campaign with a six-round win streak on the attack side of Split before Sentinels brought the first map to overtime. In the final two rounds, Leviatán was the benefactor of two close rounds as they narrowly took Sentinels’ Split map pick 14-12 to lead the series 1-0.

SEN Zekken dominates Ascent on Sova

Sentinels were able to bring the series to a third and final map due to a strong performance on Sova from Sentinels’ flex player Zachary “zekken” Patrone. Overall, Leviatán dueled evenly with Sentinels, but zekken’s Sova was unstoppable in the early duels for map control. Throughout map two, zekken posted a 336 Average Combat Score combined with 29 kills to lead Sentinels to a narrow 13-11 victory on Ascent.

NA teams were pummeled by South American teams in Americas League

Unfortunately, that ended Sentinels’ comeback arc as Leviatán continued its dominance on Pearl. Sentinels were outclassed and outmatched as Leviatán extended their winning streak on Pearl after a dominant 10-2 first half.

Sentinels loss to Leviatán extends North America’s losing streak to South American teams to 0-3. Additionally, Sentinels joins a crowded pack of 1-2 teams as they now stand tied for sixth place in the regular season. With only six spots in the VCT 2023: Americas playoffs, Sentinels will look towards next week's super week to break out of the cluster of teams vying for a playoff spot.

The international lineup will take on Brazilian teams MIBR and LOUD, where they will look to be the first North American team to take a match off the Brazilian teams.

How to watch VCT 2023: Americas League?

You can keep up with the VCT 2023: Americas League by watching all the matches live through the VCT Americas YouTube and Twitch channels.