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  • How close was EG vs LOUD VALORANT Americas League match?
  • Evil Geniuses stun LOUD with 13-3 victory on Split to go 1-0 up on the series.
  • LOUD scraped together 13-10 Haven victory to protect its undefeated record in VCT Americas League.
  • LOUD keep the perfect VCT Americas League record intact with the first VCT Americas League 13-0 score on Pearl.

EG vs LOUD might have been one of the weirdest matches in VALORANT history. Evil Geniuses and LOUD pieced together a surprisingly close series in the VCT Americas League.

Nobody was expecting Evil Geniuses to put up any fight against LOUD going into their VCT Americas League matchup in the Super Week. While Evil Geniuses have looked notably better with the addition of talented duelist Max “Demon1” Mazanov. However, that progress

How did Evil Geniuses almost beat LOUD?

Map one left the VCT Americas League viewers in disbelief immediately. Evil Geniuses, the VCT underdogs, found themselves with a shocking 9-3 lead over LOUD, the VCT Americas League frontrunners. Then, the second half saw Evil Geniuses grab the early pistol rounds to close out Split with a 13-3 record over VCT Americas’ number-one team.

Evil Geniuses Demon1 and in-game leader Kelden “Boostio” Pupello pieced together individually strong performances on Jett and Astra, respectively. Both were instrumental in shutting down LOUD on map one as both teams moved forward into Haven as the notion of an Evil Geniuses upset became real.

At one point, Evil Geniuses found themselves with a 10-9 lead over LOUD on Haven off the back of two impressive clutch rounds from Alexander “jawgemo” Mor. However, things went south following a failed eco round on the side of Evil Geniuses as LOUD grabbed their 10th round with pistols against a fully-invested Evil Geniuses.

LOUD achieve first 13-0 in VCT Americas League history

From that point, nothing could stop LOUD from eventually taking the series against Evil Geniuses. After LOUD reached their 10th round on Haven, the Brazilians didn't drop a single round for the rest of the series. LOUD’s angry run first began with a 13-10 victory on Haven before that strong form continued onto Pearl.

Here, the EG vs LOUD match made history when LOUD pieced together the first VCT Americas League 13-0 map victory on Pearl. Game three on Pearl was a completely different story for Evil Geniuses, who was moments away from avoiding all of this in its entirety. Instead, they got a refined, sharp, and angry LOUD as their opponents left them no opportunity to win a round, let alone Pearl.

Each round passed until LOUD found themselves going into the second half of Pearl with a perfect 12-0 record before closing the series out 13-0 over Evil Geniuses.

LOUD has managed to maintain their perfect VCT Americas League record following a near-scare in the EG vs LOUD match. Still, that 13-0 performance on Pearl should be a sign that LOUD is still the top team in the VCT Americas League. They will now look towards going undefeated in the VCT Americas League regular season where they now boast a 5-0 record.

As for Evil Geniuses, this loss is heartbreaking. While it was an expected result, the team was moments away from pulling off the biggest upset in VCT Americas League history and improving to 2-3. Instead, Evil Geniuses go into next week with a 1-4 record as they look to continue their fight for a VCT Americas playoff spot in their match against Leviatan.