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Popular Spanish esports organization, MAD Lions, has recently unveiled their newest VALORANT Game Changers lineup, MAD Lions Laurë.

MAD Lions Laurë consists of moniovess, Laia “MissLaia” Miralles, Alessia, Lucia “Nahashi” Nahashi, Nidxvilco, and coach Jedry.

MAD Lions first dipped their toes into VALORANT back in Feb. 2023 when they picked up North American team Dark Ration to compete in the NA Challengers circuit. There, the team struggled to keep up with the other teams in the league as they finished in 11th place with a 1-4 record during the split.

Now, MAD Lions looks to continue to strengthen their involvement in the VALORANT scene through the Game Changers circuit. Unlike their North American counterpart in the NA Challengers scene, however, MAD Lion's newest female VALORANT team will compete in the VALORANT Game Changers circuit in the EMEA region.

MAD Lions Laurë will have their first opportunity to compete as a team during the Game Changers Open Qualifications taking place from April 5-9. There, they will need to win four best-of-three rounds in a single-elimination bracket if they look to qualify.

A total of 128 teams, including MAD Lions Laurë, will compete in this bracket for a spot in the main VCT Game Changers EMEA portion to kick off the 2023 Game Changers circuit. While competition will be tough, MAD Lions Laurë is a team of players with all experience competing in the VCT Game Changers circuit, having all played together on Nyme Warriors. It will be interesting to see if this group of five players can find more success than their North American counterparts as they look to compete against some of the top EMEA VALORANT Game Changers lineups.

Those interested in checking out the open qualifiers can do so by following their favorite players' streams. While you will not be able to hear the voice comms, you will be able to see their POV during the open qualifying games.

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