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VALORANT Patch 8.04 Reveals New Premier Changes and Esports Updates

VALORANT's Patch 8.04 will streamline your competitive grind with better training, more efficient Premier systems, and updated brackets to follow the pros. Here's everything players can expect.

The 2024 VCT season is upon us and progressing fast. EMEA, Americas, Pacific and China Kickoffs have revealed this year's eight strongest teams, which are headed to Masters Madrid shortly. This has been highlighted in Patch 8.04 thanks to some Premier changes.

VALORANT is providing plenty of recent updates to its Premier system so players can join the competitive fun. In addition, Patch 8.04 will update VALORANT's esports tab to accurately reflect the transition from Kickoffs to Masters Madrid. Bug fixes for a smoother experience are also in store. 


VALORANT Premier changes are among the Patch 8.04 Updates. Source: Riot Games

When Will VALORANT Patch 8.04 Release?

Patch 8.04 will go live in NA, LATAM, and Brazil servers on Tuesday, March 5th, 2024. VALORANT's servers will undergo approximately four hours of maintenance from 6:00 PT to 10:00 PT before the update. 

In EU servers, Patch 8.04 will arrive a day later on March 6th and maintenance will occur from 4:00 GMT to 8:00 GMT.

Kay/O Splash

KAY/O's ZERO//point knife was providing players with questionable information – luckily, VALORANT devs have saved the day with a bug fix. Source: Riot Games

What is Changing in VALORANT Patch 8.04?

Patch 8.04 will alter range training, Premier mode, and the Esports hub. It also fixes various bugs spanning categories including agent utility, gameplay mechanics and Esports features. 

Modes Updates

  • Training bots in the range have character portraits and minimap position icons.

Premier Updates

  • Players can create a team at any time in the Stage.
  • Provisional divisions appear immediately when teams are created. They update when a Roster or Zone changes, but are locked in after the first match of the Stage.
  • A team's Zone can change anytime before the first match of the Stage.
  • Weekly matches have rematch protection.
  • Players can only play two matches per week. 
  • Playoff results appear in standings upon the Playoffs' start and become locked in 48 hours after the Playoffs end. 
VALORANT's Esports Hub will look refreshed as Masters Madrid draws closer. Source: Riot Games

VALORANT's Esports Hub will look refreshed as Masters Madrid draws closer. Source: Riot Games

Esports Updates

  • The Global Events Hub will unlock as the VCT season progresses to Masters Madrid. It will allow VALORANT players to explore participating teams, match schedules and the bracket format.
  • Players can watch teams qualify for the Playoffs on the Swiss Bracket page for groups. 

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug where KAY/O's ZERO/point knife would report inaccurate information. 
  • Fixed a bug where players would move slightly at the end of Sage's Resurrection animation.
  • Fixed a bug where bullets could pass through the corners of Sage's Barrier Orb wall. 

Esports Features

  • Devs fixed a bug so the Esports hub schedule always takes viewers to the current day.
  • Devs fixed a visual bug so the Play in Groups Bracket does not show duplicate information.

Gameplay Systems

  • Fixed a bug so abilities including Killjoy's Lockdown don't extend past the minimap widget. 


  • Fixed a bug so the start button updates immediately if you're in a lobby when an event starts. 

How Will VALORANT Patch 8.04 Affect players? 

Patch 8.04 focuses on streamlining the Premier system and encouraging esports viewership. As VALORANT plans to incorporate Premier Mode into Challengers League and thus VCTs, it makes sense that Premier Mode and Esports Hub updates are occurring hand-in-hand. 

Adapting the Esports Hub to upcoming Masters Madrid matches helps fans understand the tournament's structure and where and when they can watch its games. Plus, lowering barriers to Premier enrollment will attract more budding talents who may progress to the VCT circuit in the future. 

The Sage and KAY/O fixes provide small but noticeable quality-of-life in-game improvements. Movement after a Sage Ressurection could be deadly and subject agents to exposed angles, and nobody wants to be shot through a seemingly bulletproof wall — with these issues fixed, VALORANT's beloved healer can avoid any unintentional and frustrating medical malpractice. In addition, the adjustments to bots in the Range will contribute to mpleasant aim-training experiences. 

Patch 8.04 is rewarding esports determination and intensity, but Episode 8 Act II will soon arrive with a calming warm weather theme to soothe players' spirits. After grinding competitive queue for a few hours, every player needs some relaxation in the sun! Stay tuned as we await VCT: Masters Madrid's Swiss Stage on March 14th, and best of luck to all new Premier teams chasing victory!