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The Skye’s No Longer The Limit: VALORANT Patch 8.01 Massively Nerfs its Best Initiator

Riot Games has returned to bless VALORANT players with a new update. Patch 8.01 promises to remove bugs, remedy match load-in issues and refine Iso’s kit so he can duel enemies with confidence. However, the patch has also shocked Skye mains worldwide – massive nerfs have put her position as one of VALORANT’s strongest initiators in jeopardy. There’s plenty to uncover in these juicy patch notes, so let’s examine everything players need to expect in our second January update of the year.

When Is VALORANT Patch 8.01 Coming Out?

Patch 8.01 is available to players as of January 23rd, 2024. It reached NA users at 17:07 UTC.

VALORANT Patch 8.01 Full Patch Notes


On January 23rd, 2024, Riot Games issued a full 8.01 patch note statement on the VALORANT website. The patch focuses on balancing agents in ranked play, remedying bugs and utility issues and ensuring a positive experience on competitive maps.



  • Breeze’s hallway above A-Site will once again become open. The doors closing off the hall will be removed, and it will again extend to A-main.

Faster Loading

  • The VALORANT devs have optimized file performance to improve boot and match load-in times.


New Home screen

  • A snazzy new homescreen featuring Cypher, Omen and Sova will appear upon opening VALORANT.

Easier Lineups

  • VALORANT devs have updated projectile mechanics to ensure players can more easily reproduce jump-throw lineups. The devs warn that while most existing lineups remain unaffected, some may require minor changes.
  • If players throw a projectile within 100ms of beginning a jump, the projectile will consistently have the same velocity and thus land in the same location every time.


  • HRTF will be enabled if ticked and using stereo speaker configuration.

Agent Buffs


The 8.01 Patch Notes state that VALORANT is “updating Iso to push the agency and combat advantage that you get from Double Tap.”

Double Tap

  • The duration Iso can shoot a double tap orb has increased from 2 to 3 seconds.
  • The Double Tap buff and shield duration has increased from 15 to 20 seconds.
  • Double Tap’s shield width has been reduced from 120 to 100.


  • The cost of Contingency has been reduced from 250 to 200 credits.

Agent Nerfs

Skye biography from Valorant


VALORANT devs have severely nerfed Skye in this update, with patch notes stating “These changes are centered around pushing Skye to be more intentional with Guiding Light (E). They should create a clearer opportunity cost when taking Skye in comps while also maintaining her uniquely powerful combination of combat advantage and recon within the Initiator role. “

Guiding Light

  • Guiding Light no longer regenerates during a round.
  • Guiding Light will now automatically flash after its lifetime expires.


  • Players targeted by a Seeker will receive a yellow visual warning indicator when it is nearby.


The 8.01 Patch’s Raze nerf is minor, but notable and will affect gameplay.

Blast Pack

  • Raze’s audio after satcheling with Blast Pack will now become louder when she is traveling in your direction.

Riot Games has also fixed various bugs to ensure VALORANT mechanics run smoothly. While some bugs were map-based, most were related to the Outlaw and various agent utilities.

VALORANT is constantly evolving – nerfs and buffs are needed to ensure every agent gets a chance to cycle through the meta. Only time will tell how the significant Iso and Skye changes will affect competitive play, but Riot Games promises to keep informed on any issues the community experiences. After all, VALORANT Community Manager Jo-Ellen Aragon notes, “We’re always listening to your feedback so please let us know what you think.” Stay tuned for future updates!