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Top 10 Community Commentators for 2023 So Far

Tarik and Scump top a list of popular co-streamers and community casters driving record views to esports events

A recent report from Esports Charts has revealed the most watched community casters in the industry in the first half of 2023.

Community casters are independent streamers that provide commentary to esports events on their own Twitch channels, oftentimes getting more viewers than the official broadcasts for those tournaments. Offering professional insight and colorful comments, community casters play a big role in keeping people invested in watching matches for most top esports titles.

Here are the top 10 community casters according to data from Esports Charts.

10. Ibai — 6.29 Million

Ibai Llanos Garatea is a Spanish language League of Legends caster that streams full-time. He won the Esports Awards Streamer of the Year in 2020 and holds the record for having the most concurrent viewers on Twitch in 2022 while commentating a boxing match. The 27-year-old is really well-known in the sports world.

9. Caedrel — 7.44 Million

Marc “Caedrel” Lamont is a retired caster who previously worked with Excel Esports. The 27-year-old streams League of Legends commentary and is currently an analyst for Riot Games.

8. Gorgc — 7.5 Million

James “Gorgc” Stefanovski is a former professional Dota 2 player that now provides commentary for the MOBA on Twitch. He started off playing Counter-Strike 1.6 with his brother and has become a veteran in the competitive gaming world and an icon in the Dota 2 scene.

7. ohnePixel — 8.37 Million

This German Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player has been consistently uploading content for the popular shooter since 2019. He is known for his massive collection of skins and educating the CS:GO community about skin collecting and trading. As a trusted name in the CS:GO scene, ohnePixel also offers his commentary on big Counter-Strike events and updates.

6. MARSHA OZAWA — 9.86 Million

This video game YouTuber has over 2.7 million subscribers and 736,683,582 views since joining in 2018. His current content revolves around mobile games like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. As the mobile market grows, so does his presence in the competitive scene.

5. Phonics1 — 10.47 Million

Korean League of Legends streamer phonics1 has made a name for himself commentating over LCK matches on Afreeca TV. The popularity of LoL in Korea combined with the dominance of the LCK has helped phonics1 overtake other prominent LoL co-streamers including Caedrel and IWillDominate

4. just_ns — 12.16 Million

Yaroslav Kuznetsov is a Russian streamer who is rapidly gaining popularity for his Dota 2 commentary. The 34-year-old has 657K followers on Twitch and gets an average of 6,000 viewers per stream.

3. scump — 15.77 Million

Seth “scump” Abner is known as the King of CoD. He’s a former Call of Duty player who competed in the Call of Duty League on OpTic Texas. He won the first-ever Esports Console Player of the Year award in 2016 and then took his first Call of Duty World Championship the year after. His popular YouTube channel has millions of subscribers as he continues to provide valuable insight and knowledge about the shooter.

2. Nix — 18.51 Million

Aleksandr "Nix" Levin is a pro Dota 2 player turned streamer. He formerly played for HellRaisers but now makes content about the ever-popular MOBA. He dabbles in other games but is almost always found discussing Dota 2, including commentating majors.

1. Tarik — 31.79 Million

With far and away the most viewership of any community streamer, Tarik Celik is a former CS:GO player that won 18 tournaments while playing for big teams like Counter Logic Gaming, OpTic Gaming, Cloud9, MIBR, NRG, and Evil Geniuses. He became a content creator for the Sentinels in 2022 and has continued to gain fans for his humor and insight.