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Venom and VCT Kickoffs: VALORANT Patch 8.02 Brings Viper Revamps, Esports Hub Updates, and More

Patch 8.02 gives a fresh look to Viper, encourages player involvement with VALORANT esports during VCT season and delivers plenty of in-game fixes.

VALORANT's Episode 8 has already wowed fans with a new rifle, significant Icebox and Lotus changes and the sleek Kuronami bundle. Patch 8.02 – which arrived on February 6th – is short and straight to the point, but it still delivers some great content that adds to VALORANT's charm. The update brings polished graphics to Viper's utility and her Snakebite shorty, as well as a fleshed-out and VCT-ready Esports Hub. Players can also enjoy various bug fixes. Let's walk through VALORANT Patch 8.02 and what players can expect.

Viper's Snakebite Shorty with its sophisticated new look. Source: Riot Games

Viper's Snakebite Shorty with its sophisticated new look. Source: Riot Games

How is VALORANT Patch 8.02 changing Viper?

VALORANT’s beloved toxic Controller has recently received significant attention from developers and players alike, especially since VALORANT released the Reckoning cinematic on YouTube and elaborated on some juicy Viper and Omen lore. Patch 8.02 capitalizes on Viper’s resurgence by updating her models and graphics – though these changes are subtle, they polish her kit and deliver the edgy, sleek and intelligent vibe Viper deserves.

Viper Utility Updates:

  • Viper’s Poison Cloud has newly updated graphics.


  • Fresh and visible graphics reflect a player’s status when afflicted with a decay debuff.

Viper Cosmetic Updates:

  • Viper’s Snakebite Shorty has a new look. The gun’s poison is more realistic, the barrel has a slimmer frame and the handle sports elegant neon-green geometric designs.

How is VALORANT Patch 8.02 changing the Esports Hub?

Patch 8.02 is updating the Esports Hub to give fans a clearer understanding of the tournament format and increase stream viewership. It will be easier than ever for the VALORANT community to follow their favorite players and teams throughout the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) season. 

VALORANT's fancy Esports hub showcases a timeline of matches. Source: Riot Games

VALORANT's fancy Esports hub showcases a timeline of matches. Source: Riot Games

Esports Hub Updates:

  • VALORANT’s Esports Hub depicts the updated VCT tournament format and the four international leagues – Americas, Pacific, EMEA, and China – beginning with the VCT kickoff.
  • Global events will unlock in the hub as the VCT season progresses, including tournament and bracket visualizations.
  • The scheduling page includes a live tag and links to official streams where fans can view VCT gameplay.

What other changes are happening in VALORANT Patch 8.02? 

A developer's work is never over – a few glitches will always slip through the cracks as any game grows. Alongside Viper's remodel and an impressive Esports Hub update, Patch 0.2 is incorporating some bug fixes so players can have a smoother in-game experience.

Bug Fixes:

  • VALORANT devs fixed an issue where killing multiple players with area-of-effect abilities resulted in incorrect numbers on the killfeed.
  • VALORANT devs fixed an issue where the Auto Re-Enter Scope setting would not update properly.

Player Behavior:

  • VALORANT devs fixed an issue where Terms of Service and Penalties and Bans FAQ links sent to players after a ban were not suitable for their respective regions.

New Homescreen:

  • VALORANT’s pleasant new homescreen displays Phoenix, Jett and Iso chilling out on a boat, eating from a mouthwatering buffet and enjoying Lunar New Year festivities. 

Though Patch 8.02 is succinct, it brings noticeable changes that streamline players' VALORANT experience. As the VALORANT community enjoys these changes, fans can also look forward to everything else Episode 8 has to offer including a new agent and the Scales of Fortune Lunar New Year Event Pass. Stay tuned for more VALORANT updates as VCT season and Episode 8 progress.