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World of Warcraft AWC Cup 1 — Season 3 Prize Pool, Schedule, Streams

This weekend marks the beginning of Dragonflight esports events for 2024. Here's how to tune in and what to expect.

The Arena World Championship has begun, ushering in a new year of competitive World of Warcraft. Want to follow along as top players compete in Dragonflight Season 3 esports action? Here's everything you need to know to follow this season. 

World of Warcraft Esports Events For Dragonflight Season 3

The Season 3 schedule includes four esports events. Here are the events to watch and when they are taking place: 

  • WoW AWC Cup 1 - Feb. 2 - Feb. 4
  • WoW AWC Cup 2 - Feb. 9 - Feb. 11
  • WoW AWC Gauntlet 1 - March 1
  • WoW Mid-Season Clash - March 2 - March 3

As you can see, registration for open bracket for Cup 1 is closed and the action is already underway. But you can still register for Cup 2 — open bracket will be Feb. 7. You can read more and sign up here

World of Warcraft Season 3 Esports Schedule

Every event in the Season 3 schedule starts at 10 AM PST. 

The games are double-elimination and are in a best-of-five format. The grand finals, however, will be best-of-seven. 

WoW Season 3 Prize Pool

The WoW AWC Cups will both have a prize pool of $10,000. There will also be 528 points to earn. Gauntlet 1 will have a $20,000 prize pool and the Mid-Season Clash will have an astonishing $100,000. Similar to League of Legends esports, this first season is more about proving yourself while the second half of the year has a bit more at stake. 

The goal is to earn a spot in the Dragonflight Grand Finals. The top three teams from Cup 3 and Cup 4 will head directly there. The bottom teams will compete in Gauntlet 2, with the winner advancing to the Grand Finals. These Season 4 events don't have a date just yet so stay tuned. 

How to Watch the WoW AWC Cup 1 This Weekend

If you want to watch top World of Warcraft players duke it out this weekend, check out the official Twitch or YouTube channels. There are also co-streamers if you have a favorite WoW streamer you'd rather hang out with during the action.