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6 Things to Do Before Season of Discovery Phase 2

Prepare for the upcoming Season of Discovery phase with valuable tips on preparing gear, reputation, and money-making strategies. Explore the best way to get ready for new professions, zones, and quests.

The next phase of World of Warcraft’s Season of Discovery is set to go live on February 8th, raising the level cap from 25 to 40. This brings exciting additions like new runes, PvP events, and a raid in the Gnomeregan instance, along with exploration in classic WoW’s iconic zones, including the memorable Stranglethorn Vale. To ensure you're ready for this new chapter, consider the following preparations for your Season of Discovery adventure.

Gnomeregan loading screen in World of Warcraft.

Gnomeregan loading screen in World of Warcraft.

In summary, as the Season of Discovery progresses, preparing for the level cap increase involves strategic gear acquisition, efficient leveling methods, reputation grinds, and anticipating economic shifts. These preparations ensure a smoother and more enjoyable experience as you dive into the next phase of Season of Discovery.