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WoW's Star Belt, Season of Discovery's Belt Caster Accessory

Here is everything you need to create and craft your own Star Belt in World of Warcraft Classics Season of Discovery, Season Two.

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  • The Star Belt is an amazing and powerful item in World of Warcraft Classics Season of Discovery, for both mid-range leveling and end game.
  • WoW’s Star Belt can be created via professions crafting with a Tailoring skill of 200 or higher, players can also buy it on the Auction House.
  • What makes the Star Belt so powerful is that it gives a flat boost to spellcasting damage and healing.

Season of Discovery season 2 is in full swing in World of Warcraft Classic and cloth-wearing classes like Priest, Warlock and Mage are salivating for a once powerful piece of equipment from the days of old, The Star Belt. This belt can be crafted by tailors and is highly sought after for its flat spell damage and healing bonus. Luckily for players, since it’s a crafted item, getting the Star Belt is a matter of time, not luck. Here’s how you get it.

The Star Belt recipe from World of Warcraft.

WoW's Star Belt recipe and material requirements.

How to Create the Star Belt

The quickest way to nab a Star Belt in Season of Discovery Season 2 is to just buy one off the auction house, but that will cost you a pretty penny. So, instead, the easiest way is to gather the materials yourself and then get another tailor to craft it for you, they will need a tailoring skill of 200+.

Here is a list of materials and items you’ll need to craft the Star Belt in World of Warcraft:

  • Four Bolts of Mageweave
  • Four Heavy Leather
  • Citrine
  • Iron Buckle
  • Silver Thread

If you want to craft one of WoW’s Star Belts yourself, you’ll also have to track down the Pattern: Star Belt. That will be the hardest part as it only comes from select lockboxes, unless you buy it from the Auction House.

The Star Belt

The exact buff the Star Belt gives says that it increases the damage and healing one by magical spells and effects by up to 13. Historically any classes that deal damage and heal, such as Priests, will benefit it from it the most.

In Season of Discovery, Priests aren’t the only ones with cloth armor dealing damage while healing. Thanks to discovery runes such as mage’s regeneration and time magic, every cloth class can benefit immensely from wearing a Star Belt in World of Warcraft Classic.