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Surprise XDefiant Update Released & Popular Discord Hacked

XDefiant just dropped a surprise update on PS5 and Xbox, with people expecting a release date soon

XDefiant is one of the most anticipated releases of 2024, with many fans of First Person Shooters such as Call of Duty and Apex Legends excited to try out this new franchise. So far, we know to expect the release of XDefiant sometime before March 31. 

This was revealed in Ubisoft’s Q3 investor’s meeting, which revealed their release schedule for their fourth quarter. Ubisofts Q4 ends on March 31, 2024, meaning that XDefiant should be released before then. However, fans are sceptical given the initial Summer 2023 release date, which was then pushed back indefinitely.


XDefiant Surprise Update

Today, Sunday January 25, a surprise update dropped for XDefiant on Consoles. This update removed the word “beta” from the XDefiant game title, while also adding access to Achievements, and showing a list of quick play options on PS5 such as Practice Zone, Ranked, and Unranked.

Fans are also speculating at a return of former Treyarch developer, David Vonderhaar. As we know, the XDefiant team is built up of mainly ex-Call of Duty developers. On February 24, David Vonderhaar said that he would be giving an update to everyone tomorrow. That update was a link to a website titled This website appears to just show a video of a barn, with no more information on there.

XDefiant fans have taken to X to speculate at Vonderhaar joining the XDefiant team. While this seems unlikely, Vonderhaar would be a great addition to any development team.

XDefiant Scrims Discord Hacked

One of the most popular XDefiant Discord communities, XDefiant Scrims, unfortunately had their Discord hacked on February 25, 2024. In a statement on X, they said “We are deeply ashamed that so much turmoil has occurred within the fanbase before the release of XDefiant and we will take accountability for our actions moving forward. Supporting the competitive community of XDefiant was supposed to be the goal of this entire project and we apologize for losing sight of that. We will update you as soon as we are able.”

XDefiant Release Date

As of writing, there is no official confirmation of an XDefiant release date. Fans are hoping that Ubisoft stick to their word in their investor’s call, and drop the game before the end of March 2024. However, with a number of previous push backs on release, fans aren't getting their hopes up. XDefiant will definitely disrupt the gaming community when it releases, and we’ll keep you updated as soon as XDefiant is officially launched.