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Julie Cousins unveils Kirk Cousins' 'very limited' wardrobe

A look inside the Vikings quarterback's closet reveals a "very limited" wardrobe.
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Kirk Cousins gets made fun of for his Kohl's-inspired wardrobe all the time, but a peak into his closet courtesy of his wife Julie shows just how limited the Minnesota Vikings quarterback's wardrobe is. 

"We got a big game tomorrow. Monday Night Football. What should Kirk wear?" Julie said in a brief Instagram video showing Kirk's closet. "We have very limited options. I'm thinking a suit."

Cousins certainly has some nifty sport coats, but the left side of his closet looks like something you'd find in any Minnesota man's closet: a bunch of polo shirts and button downs.  

Kirk being dressed by his wife is nothing new. Last season, after the Vikings rallied from a 33-point deficit to stun the Indianapolis Colts, Cousins was wearing a very aggressive Vikings jacket during his postgame press conference when he admitted that Julie picks out his clothes. 

"My wife dresses me. She put it out last night and I looked at her like, 'I don't know.' She nodded, 'You gotta do it.' So here we are. Yeah, fun jacket," Cousins said last year. 

Based on Julie's suggestion, we're probably not going to see Kohl's Kirk on Monday night. 

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