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Report: Marcus Davenport's desire to return to Vikings put into question

"Put it this way, I don't foresee any scenario where Marcus Davenport is back in purple next year."
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One offseason signing that has blown up in the face of the Minnesota Vikings is the one-year deal with outside linebacker Marcus Davenport, who has played in just four games because of ankle injuries. 

Davenport hasn't played since suffering a high ankle sprain against the Chicago Bears on Oct. 15. He was placed on injured reserve three days later and has yet to have his 21-day practice window opened. What's the hold up? KSTP-TV's Darren Wolfson wondered out loud if Davenport has a desire to return this season. 

"I continue to be asked about Marcus Davenport. Remember him? There has been optimism in the building going back weeks that he will be back. It is not a season-ending injury. He does have incentive to play. He gets paid these bonuses if he's active. But there still is some desire questions there," Wolfson said this week on SKOR North's Mackey & Judd

"Like ultimately it's the player. The player really has to want it. Put it this way, I don't foresee any scenario where Marcus Davenport is back in purple next year. But it sure would be nice to have him on the field at some point these last three games."

Davenport has three sacks in four games. He was eligible to return from injured reserve in Week 11, but the timeline to return was extended after he underwent a "tightrope" procedure to fix the injured ankle. 

"I would've told you two weeks ago the Vikings thought he'd be back by now. They haven't even announced they're opening the window, so it's just a weird situation," Wolfson explained. "He's absolutely out of the walking boot. He's been out of the walking boot for the better part of 10 to 14 days, if not longer. For sure like 10 to 14. But I'm just telling you, the player, he has to want it. So if you want to read between those lines, do whatever you want. But there are questions about the player's want there. But hopefully, maybe, something clicks and maybe they can open up the window before the year is over."

Marcus Davenport

Vikings edge rusher Marcus Davenport sacks rookie Carolina quarterback Bryce Young.