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College football's all-time winningest programs ranked

The long history of college football has produced its fair share of individual genius and collective domination by a few elite institutions. How can we determine who did it best?

You can easily count national championships, but even that measuring stick is tainted by the lack of consensus over the years, with multiple shared titles. 

Counting overall victories is helpful, but some schools have the advantage of time which skewers those results.

A more objective test involves seeing how well schools do at winning the games on their schedule. Which schools are the best at that?

Scroll through to see the 10 most successful college football programs in history when looking at the percentage of games won.

tennessee vols football peyton manning
penn state football
john mckay usc football
earl campbell texas football
barry switzer oklahoma football
tom brady michigan football (1)
notre dame football joe montana
Bear Bryant helped cement Alabama as one of the blue bloods in the sport of college football.
ohio state football woody hayes
lsu football

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