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Colorado football coach Deion Sanders had emergency surgery on Friday to remove blood clots from his legs and now after having gone under the knife, the coach's partner has provided an update as to how Sanders is coming along.

"We are so grateful for the healing power of God and for all of our prayer warriors!" Tracey Edmonds said in an Instagram statement.

"It was a long, but successful day! #CoachPrime is resting and doing great tonight after his surgery! Thank you Lord! Thank you Fam! We love you!"

The surgery was the culmination of a long process for Sanders, who has been dealing with the medical concern for several years now, dating back to his coaching days at Jackson State, when he had to miss three games in the 2021 season after having two of his toes amputated because of a lingering blood clot issue.

This operation involved the removal of two blood clots, one in each leg, in the process allowing for Sanders to have increased and improved blood flow throughout his body and will allow doctors to proceed with another surgery sometime in the future to repair the coach's hammertoes.

Sanders went public with what this surgery entailed when speaking last week.

“Now, this is what happened: I went to the doctors the other day to check myself out. And I have two clots in my leg. One in my right leg, one in my left leg, which is my thighs. So now I’m having a procedure [Friday] to try to get those clots so now I can have proper blood flow through the leg so they can fix the toes,” Sanders said. “That’s what’s going on. That is it. You heard it from me. That’s what’s going on.”

A hammertoe is a condition where the joint in a toe points upward instead of staying flat and arises when the muscles in a foot or leg are weakened and the tendons in the toe pull in an abnormal way.

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