College football teams with most NFL players in 2024

The updated rankings for what college football teams have produced the most NFL talent in 2024.
These college football teams have produced the most NFL players heading into the 2024 season.
These college football teams have produced the most NFL players heading into the 2024 season. / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There are 1,696 players in the NFL in a given season, taking the 53 players on every one of the 32 rosters across the National Football League, and college football programs are the principal training ground for franchises to poach talent from.

And as is the case across the NCAA level currently, the SEC and Big Ten are the two primary sources of talent when looking at NFL rosters heading into the 2024 season, and it's those two conferences, the chief beneficiaries in this year's conference realignment, and are turning the most players pro.

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Ranking College Football Teams with most NFL Players in 2024

Numbers via Spotrac

1. Alabama

Active players: 77
Earnings: $509,286,769

2. Ohio State

Active players: 66
Earnings: $301,683,689

3. LSU

Active players: 65
Earnings: $354,200,751

4. Michigan

Active players: 63
Earnings: $173,661,898

5. Georgia

Active players: 62
Earnings: $197,451,600

6. Notre Dame

Active players: 52
Earnings: $182,737,509

7. Penn State

Active players: 49
Earnings: $145,251,219

8. Washington

Active players: 47
Earnings: $144,905,184

9. Oklahoma

Active players: 46
Earnings: $275,343,157

T-10. Florida

Active players: 43
Earnings: $126,948,304

T-10. Oregon

Active players: 43
Earnings: $182,900,237

T-12. Clemson

Active players: 42
Earnings: $273,543,620

T-12. Iowa

Active players: 42
Earnings: $151,554,013

14. Texas

Active players: 41
Earnings: $102,443,037

15. Tennessee

Active players: 40
Earnings: $79,444,856

16. UCLA

Active players: 39
Earnings: 97,111,611

17. Auburn

Active players: 38
Earnings: $126,816,850

18. USC

Active players: 37
Earnings: $160,205,363

19. Ole Miss

Active players: 35
Earnings: $120,082,814

20. Miami (FL)

Active players: 34
Earnings: $65,353,288

21. TCU

Active players: 33
Earnings: 452,285,673

T-22. NC State

Active players: 32
Earnings: $116,517,830

T-22. Texas A&M

Active players: 32
Earnings: $176,517,830

T-22. Wisconsin

Active players: 32
Earnings: $114,121,014

25. Florida State

Active players: 31
Earnings: $159,632,428

You can see the full rankings here, via Spotrac


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