UFC News: New Glove Design Unveiled Ahead of UFC 300

Some significant changes are coming to the UFC gloves.

After a ten-year run with its current gloves, the UFC has finally introduced a new glove designed to address several concerns expressed by fighters and fans.

Glove design was once again a hot topic of conversation after Chris Weidman’s controversial victory over Bruno Silva last month, and the news that there’d be a “new equipment presentation” ahead of UFC 300 immediately sparked hopeful speculation that the UFC might finally be introducing new gloves that would cut down on eye pokes.

Following the early weigh-ins for UFC 300 where all 26 fighters successfully made weight for their bouts, Brendan Fitzgerald and UFC Performance Institute VP Duncan French officially unveiled a new glove design during a presentation at the UFC Apex facility.

Standout features of the new gloves include foam that will more evenly distribute impacts across a fighter’s hands to reduce injury, seams on the inside of the gloves to avoid causing cuts, and a band that fits closer to the wrist to keep an opposing fighter from putting their fingers inside.

The new design will also be more comfortable for fighters while allowing a wider range of motion from their wrist and fingers, and one of the biggest announcements from the presentation was that the new gloves were already tested during the fights in the most recent season of Dana White’s Contender Series.

There will also be specially-colored gloves for things like five-round main events as well as The Ultimate Fighter and Contender Series bouts, and although the fighters at UFC 300 won't be wearing the new gloves this Saturday in Las Vegas fans can look forward to seeing the new design in action starting from June 1 at UFC 302.

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Drew Beaupre


Drew is an MMA writer that regularly watches regional events in addition to major promotions such as the UFC, PFL, Bellator, and ONE Championship. He joined MMA Knockout when it was founded in 2023.