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Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors came into Tuesday night against the Phoenix Suns with the best record in the NBA. 

However, the Suns defeated the Warriors 104-96 to advance to 18-3 (they both now have the same record), and win their 17th game in a row. 

Curry had an unusually poor shooting night. The two-time MVP had 12 points, three rebounds and two assists but shot just 4/21 from the field. 

The shooting performance was the worst of his entire career when taking 20 or more shots (see tweet below from Bleacher Report).  

After the game, the three-time champion spoke to reporters. 

"Driving lanes were there, I settled a lot," Curry said postgame. "It was tough for shots, I know I can make em', but when you don't got it going you gotta figure something out. That makes the open ones that you do get a little tougher, because you just don't have a rhythm." 

The full clip of Curry talking about his shooting can be seen in a tweet that is embedded above from the Twitter account of Warriors on NBCS. 

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