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Today, we kick off what will be a new regular series here on

The series will feature noted Ohio racer, teacher and mentor Casey Putsch, who has become somewhat of a Walter Mitty- or George Plimpton-type in all forms of racing, a kind of everyman behind the wheel. And we mean that in a very good way. By the way, if you're young and don't know who Walter Mitty or George Plimpton were, look it up on Google.

Putsch is both a friendly and affable type, but he's also a fierce competitor. He's driven all types of vehicles, all over the world. His biggest dream and goal remains to race in the Indianapolis 500, and don't be surprised if he finds his way to the Greatest Spectacle in Racing in 2023 or 2024. Even though he's north of 40 years old, he's not giving up on his dream.

Putsch also is well-known for forming the Genius Garage several years ago, essentially a foundation that helps young and aspiring drivers, crew chiefs, mechanics and other workers opportunities to learn by doing.

Today, we feature two of Putsch's most recent videos.

The first, from the description on the YouTube video: Putsch and several Genius Garage students take a road trip to Gas City, Indiana to meet Mike and Butch at Legacy Autosport, with Casey racing the Genius Garage 410 Sprint Car on dirt for the first time with the Midwest Throwback Sprint Car Series.

The guys had a good old-fashioned day of American racing with a surprise finish (!!!) and a bad moment for the team with a positive ending.

One thing of note: most of Casey's videos are shot with a new iPhone 13.

Check it out:

Next, Casey gets ready for his first sprint car race by testing.

Here's the description on the YouTube video: Casey Putsch and Genius Garage students are up at 4 am to drive to Indianapolis, Indiana to meet Mike and Butch at Legacy Autosport to test the Genius Garage 410 Sprint Car on dirt for the first time and learn all the procedures for Genius Garage.

It was a long hard day and the truck required an emergency stop for tires after a degrading tire started to destroy itself and the truck. 

Check it out:

For more information about Casey and his exploits over the years, check out the following:

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