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Attention NASCAR fans: if you’re a Kyle Busch fan – or even if you’re not – put this on your to-do list.

A new documentary on the NASCAR Cup star is set to debut soon that, as a press release notes, “offers an insider’s look at one of the most successful and controversial drivers in NASCAR history.”

“ROWDY” will premiere in Nashville on June 23, part of that weekend’s NASCAR Ally 400 at Nashville Superspeedway, and then in theaters nationwide starting on June 29.

Here’s the official trailer:

Having earned the nickname “Rowdy” because of his flat-out, no-holds-barred racing style, Busch is both one of the most popular drivers of his time but also one of the sport’s most polarizing drivers as well.

The documentary gives an insider’s look at Busch both at and away from the race track, including candid interviews and insights from family members, friends and NASCAR officials on his life and career.

One of the most significant aspects of the documentary revisits the horrific injuries and remarkable comeback Busch made following a potentially career-ending wreck in February 2015 while competing in the season-opening Xfinity Series race at Daytona International Speedway.

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While many thought Busch’s career might be over – or at the very least, that entire season was over – the Las Vegas native was back racing less than three months later, and went on to win his first Cup championship six months after that!

Busch’s effort and achievement is considered by many one of the greatest sports comebacks of all time.

In addition to extensive interviews with Busch, the documentary also features commentary from some of NASCAR’s most legendary personalities including NASCAR Hall of Famers Jeff Gordon, Rick Hendrick, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Joe Gibbs, Kyle’s older brother Kurt, and Kyle’s wife, Samantha Busch.

“I never thought I would ever do a film about my career until after I retried,” Busch said. “I know there are some pivotal moments in my life that are misunderstood by fans. This film sets the record straight about what went on in my mind and many people who were a part of those pivotal moments that changed me.”


The film is produced by Chance Wright, producer and owner of Wright Productions, and Venture 10 Studio Group, in partnership with NASCAR Productions.

Busch owns 60 wins in the NASCAR Cup Series, most of all active drivers, and ninth on the Cup Series’ all-time wins list. The future NASCAR Hall of Famer also holds the record for most wins in the Xfinity Series (102) and NASCAR Camping World Truck Series (61), for a total of 223 wins across all three of NASCAR’s premier racing series.

“ROWDY is an incredible comeback story of perseverance, grit, and overcoming improbable odds,” said Chance Wright of Wright Productions. “Peeling back the curtain shows the truth in athleticism in NASCAR and Kyle. Hardcore fans of NASCAR will get as much out of this as the person who has never seen a race.”

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