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Lando Norris makes clear his ambitions in Formula 1 are beyond the midfield pack, admitting that he is tired of being labelled the 'best of the rest'.

Norris executed a very strong season for McLaren, finishing 7th in the standings and contributing to most of the team's points throughout 2022. 

The 23-year-old's strong form in the midfield has been commonplace in recent years as the Briton continues to evolve and establish himself on the grid. 

Despite these positives, Norris is unsatisfied with his results this season. 

Speaking to Sky Sports after the season finale, Norris said, "I hate that saying, to be honest, mate", when Simon Lazenby gave him the infamous 'best of the rest' tag. 

norris and mclaren

Whilst this phrase has become increasingly popular in recent years - due to the consistent dominance of F1's top three teams - Norris keeps his sights firmly at the front of the grid.

Norris has admitted to previously having talks with Red Bull, albeit very briefly. After these conversations, the Briton quickly agreed to a multi-year contract extension with McLaren. 

It's true that few drivers seem eager to face Max Verstappen in the same machinery. Even then, Norris's decision to continue with McLaren demonstrates his belief in the team's potential.

The 23-year-old understands that the Woking team is undergoing a process of rebuilding for the future, meaning that patience will be required for this project.

Norris has outlined 2024 and 2025 as the crucial years for McLaren when he expects the team to compete for race victories consistently. 

There is no guarantee when this will happen, but there is little denying Norris' hunger to break free from the midfield.