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F1 News: Lewis Hamilton Move To Ferrari Sees Huge Boost In Search Traffic

Lewis Hamilton's move to Ferrari has significantly impacted search traffic and stock market interest, underscoring his influence in the F1 world.

In an unprecedented shift that has caught the attention of fans and investors alike, Lewis Hamilton's move to Ferrari has led to a significant surge in search traffic for the Italian automotive brand. This marks the first time since Ferrari went public in 2015 that its search volume has eclipsed that of Mercedes, Hamilton's current team for 2024.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ferrari's online search traffic surpassed Mercedes for the first time since its NYSE listing in October 2015, following the announcement of Lewis Hamilton's switch.
  • Searches for "Ferrari stock" skyrocketed by over 2,700% globally on February 1st, indicating a monumental interest spike.
  • Analysis shows that this event has propelled interest in Ferrari to new heights, with Google Trends data indicating a surge over seven times the level seen at the company's stock market debut.
Ferrari - Charles Leclerc

In a move that has sent shockwaves through the Formula 1 world, British racing driver Lewis Hamilton announced his departure from Mercedes to join the Scuderia in 2025. This decision not only marks the end of an era with Mercedes, where Hamilton has spent the last 11 years of his illustrious career, but it also heralds a new chapter for the seven-time World Champion in the iconic Scarlet red.

The reaction to Hamilton's announcement was immediate and profound, with Ferrari's stock (BIT: RACE) leaping by 12.58% in just 24 hours, from USD 345.92 on January 31st to USD 389.45 on February 1st. This move, unexpected by many, has led to a staggering increase in online interest for Ferrari, with searches for "Ferrari stock" exploding worldwide. Compared to the average monthly search volume of 15,000 times, the search interest soared to more than 28 times the average of the last 90 days.

Hamilton's decision to join Ferrari after years of speculation about his future has not only influenced the stock market but also the hearts of F1 fans globally. In his statement, Hamilton expressed his gratitude towards Mercedes for the years of success and achievements, while also looking forward to fulfilling a childhood dream of driving for Ferrari.

This seismic shift in Hamilton's career has not gone unnoticed by analysts and enthusiasts alike, with many pondering the broader implications for the sport. A spokesperson from Bombastic highlighted the significance of Hamilton's move, noting its potential to reshape the dynamics within Formula 1 and its impact on the associated brands' stock prices.

As this story unfolds, the anticipation for Hamilton's debut in Ferrari red continues to build, promising a thrilling new era for both the driver and the legendary racing team. The move has clearly demonstrated Hamilton's enduring influence in the sport and his ability to drive not just on the track, but also market interest and stock performance.

Thank you to Bombastic for Commissioning this data.