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Logan Sargeant and Mick Schumacher are the two favourites to race for Williams next season, although the two drivers are in very different positions. 

Schumacher is currently waiting for a contract extension from Haas, but given the recent comments from team owner Gene, it seems logical the 23-year-old will evaluate the options elsewhere. 

Sargeant is competing in his first season of Formula 2, currently an impressive third in the standings, with just the final round of the season ahead in Abu Dhabi. 

Mark Webber - the mastermind behind Piastri's McLaren move - told Channel 4 who he thinks is the favourite to join Williams in 2023, as quoted by GPblog:

"I think Logan Sargeant. He's in Formula 2 this year... In general, I think he's the favourite. 

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"[He's] American, Liberty [Media, owners of F1] - they are pretty keen on him.

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"But then there's some Super License challenges around him in terms of points, championship positions."

This insight from Webber explains why Williams has been reluctant to make any decisions on their lineup for next season. 

The Grove-based team is likely waiting for the final round of Formula 2 in Abu Dhabi to determine whether Logan Sargeant can secure the necessary Super Licence points to race in F1.

Sargeant needs to finish 5th or above in the Formula 2 standings. Going into the final weekend of the season, the American driver is third - but there are seven drivers within 25 points of him. 


With Formula 2 race weekends consisting of Sprint and Feature races, there is still a chance that Sargeant will fall short of this minimum requirement. 

In this event - with De Vries now committed to Alpha Tauri - Mick Schumacher seems the most likely option to race for Williams alongside Alex Albon.  

Considering all the above, it seems plausible that both teams could wait until the end of the season before making a final determination for 2023.