F1 News: Max Verstappen Reveals All-New Helmet As A Tribute To His Fans

Max Verstappen has introduced a new helmet design at the Spanish Grand Prix to honor his fans.
Max Verstappen YouTube channel

In a heartfelt nod to his supporters and family heritage, Max Verstappen, the reigning Formula 1 champion, has introduced a striking new helmet design. Making its debut at the upcoming Spanish Grand Prix, the helmet features a vibrant orange color scheme—a tribute not only to his legion of fans but also to his father, Jos Verstappen, who donned a similar color during the 2000 European Football Championship.

Verstappen's new helmet color transcends mere aesthetic appeal, symbolizing the robust support he garners from his fans.

"This helmet certainly means a lot to me. The color makes it look very nice of course. But it is also a tribute to all the fan support I get. There are a few special races in Europe with a lot of orange fans and there I will definitely wear this helmet," Verstappen shared. The Dutch driver plans to wear this special gear during select European races, which traditionally see a heavy turnout of his orange-clad supporters.

While Verstappen prepares to celebrate his fans in such a personal way, his Red Bull Racing team faces challenges as they gear up for the Spanish Grand Prix. His teammate, Sergio Perez, will start the race with a three-place grid penalty. This penalty results from an incident during the Canadian Grand Prix, where Perez continued to the pits with a heavily damaged car despite safety risks, leading to the stewards imposing both a grid penalty and a $25,000 fine on Red Bull Racing. The team explained their decision:

"The team confirmed in the hearing that the driver had been advised to bring the car back to the pits as they were trying to avoid a Safety Car situation."

Despite these team challenges, Verstappen clinched victory at the chaotic and wet Canadian Grand Prix.

Alex Harrington


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