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Michael Schumacher: Latest Update Given On Recovery A Decade After Tragic Accident

An update has been given on Michael Schumacher's recovery.

A decade after his life-altering skiing accident, a report from German media unveils details about Michael Schumacher's rehabilitation journey, highlighting his continued connection to Formula 1 through unique methods.

Key Takeaways

  • Ten Years Post-Accident: It has been ten years since seven-time F1 World Champion Michael Schumacher experienced a life-changing skiing accident. Since 2014, he has been receiving 24-hour care at his home, where his former office has reportedly been converted into a private infirmary.
  • Unique Rehabilitation Methods: Schumacher's rehab includes stimulating activities connected to his Formula 1 career. This includes being driven in a Mercedes-AMG road car and listening to pit radio traffic from his racing days.
  • Close Contacts and Memories: Jean Todt, Schumacher's former Ferrari team boss, shared insights into their current relationship. Despite Schumacher's changed life, Todt cherishes the moments they spend together, including watching F1 races.
Michael Schumacher

December 29th will mark ten years since Michael Schumacher, the iconic F1 champion, suffered severe injuries in a skiing accident. Schumacher's family has maintained a veil of privacy around his condition with only rare updates. A recent report in German publication BILD offers rare insights into his rehabilitation.

The article details the 24-hour care Schumacher receives at his home, involving up to 15 medical professionals. His former office now serves as a private infirmary, catering to his daily needs. Notably, Schumacher's connection to his illustrious racing career is kept alive through various means. His care team plays back pit radio traffic from his F1 days, and he is driven around in a 'roaring' Mercedes-AMG road car, aiming to stimulate his brain with familiar sounds.

Jean Todt, a close friend and former Ferrari team boss, shared his experiences with Schumacher in an interview with L'Equipe. Despite the drastic changes in Schumacher's life, Todt feels privileged to share moments with him, often watching F1 races together. He poignantly remarked:

“His life is different and I have the privilege of sharing moments with him.

"Unfortunately, fate struck him ten years ago and he is no longer the Michael we knew from F1."

Michael's brother, Ralf, has also spoken on the tragic skiing accident. He explained to Bild:

''This fate has changed our family. I can say that his accident was a very bad and drastic experience for me too. But not just for me, for example also for Michael's children: Mick, as we all know, was there as a young teenager back then. Unfortunately, life isn’t always fair and unfortunately there was a lot of bad luck here too.”

He continued:

“I miss my Michael from back then. Life is sometimes unfair. Michael had often been lucky in his life, but then this tragic accident happened. Thankfully, modern medical options have made it possible to do some things, but still, nothing is like it used to be.”

Michael Schumacher - Mercedes