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New Balance Wants You to Run Your Way

New Balance is creating a positive running environment for all through 'Run Your Way' campaign.
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Running is a gift to athletes of all ages, but not enough people participate in the timeless tradition. Not everyone feels they are cut out to run for their physical and mental health. New Balance is preparing to demystify that notion with a movement based on inclusion and positivity.

New Balance is announcing its newest philosophy to running called Run Your Way. ‘Run Your Way’ is all about celebrating the individuality of all who run by removing running stereotypes and encouraging everyone around the world to run their own way.  

Running is at the core of the New Balance, it’s what the Boston-based brand was founded upon back in 1906. Run Your Way will break barriers by leading New Balance’s timeless movement towards changing the running culture, aiming to legitimize running and help everyone who runs recognize they are a part of a larger running culture and the communities that embrace it.  

Through Run Your Way, New Balance hopes to promote an inclusive, positive, and uplifting running environment for all – no matter how you run. Opening doors to the running community and showing we are all a part of a wider spectrum of people who run, whether we’re running a marathon in under 3 hours or getting 3 miles in before work. 

View of runner in New Balance apparel.

New Balance promotional poster.

We’re all united by the fact that we do run, but each of us is an individual in our own right in terms of style, habits, routines, motivation, and more. New Balance supports and celebrates all who run at any all level around the world.

New Balance is amplifying athlete stories on their relationship with running to draw stronger connections between elites and the everyday runner, showing that everyone has a different journey and that there’s no such thing as a “traditional runner.” 

Running plays a part in the lives of many Team New Balance Athletes, ranging from football athlete and NWSL second overall pick Michelle Cooper to Olympic track athlete Elle Purrier St. Pierre to marathon runner Renjia JIA’E - each has had their own unique relationship with running that has molded differently year after year. 

“Running is part of my daily lifestyle, whether it's training, games, or running to get groceries like I am doing now!” says Cooper.

Elle Purrier St. Pierre added, “As a professional runner who often felt as an outsider in the sport through my college years, the Run Your Way message really appealed to me."

St. Pierre continued, “Now, as a pregnant professional athlete, there are additional stereotypes that others place on me, and I was even more excited to be a part of this movement with New Balance. I hope that through Run Your Way people pay less attention to the how or why and just enjoy benefits that running can bring.”

View of runners in New Balance apparel.

New Balance promotional poster.

"From trails to roads, there are highs and lows, peaks and slumps.

And along the way, I've been hearing lots of sounds.

However, there is always a voice inside me, keep running.

Keep the goal close to the heart, the dream we seek is just ahead of us.

Believe in my choice and stick to it, I will always run my own way." -Renjia JIA’E.

New Balance has remained a leader in the sportswear world thanks to its top-notch technology and bold initiatives built on inclusion. The Run Your Way campaign comes at the perfect time for so many people. Stay locked into FanNation Kicks for all your footwear news.

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