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Paul Pogba Documentary Shows His Reaction To Being Offered More Than £290,000 Per Week

Paul Pogba left Manchester United this summer but not before he rejected two new contract offers from the Old Trafford club.

Pogba, who is expected to rejoin Juventus on a free transfer in the coming weeks, is set to star in his own documentary.

The Pogmentary will be released by Amazon Prime on Friday when viewers will be able to see the midfielder's reaction to United's final contract offer.

One scene in the documentary shows Pogba and his late agent, Mino Raiola, having a conversation.

It is said to have taken place after United offered Pogba improved terms on his existing contract, which was already worth £290,000 per week, according to The Athletic.

The conversation, which takes place in a mix of French and Italian, begins with Raiola telling his client: "Paul, you are in a situation which is very particular. You have no idea. You have no idea."

Pogba asks: "Did Manchester make a second offer?"

Raiola replies: "Yes. They absolutely want you to stay. For me, the offer doesn't reflect that. I told them, 'If you want him to stay, don't make that offer'. I will make them understand that if they really want you to stay and they want to build a project around you, this time they have to act differently and put the money on the table."

Pogba then tells Raiola: "They're bluffing. How can you tell a player you absolutely want him and offer him nothing? Never seen that."

The "nothing" that Pogba was referring to was a 3.5% raise, according to Sky Sports.

While it was seemingly a factor, Pogba's decision to leave United was not exclusively about money.

Pogba has historically performed better for France than for United.

Raiola makes reference to this in the documentary, while also seeming to suggest that Pogba was not totally happy in the United team.

"We must try to make you feel as good as when you are with the French national team," Raiola says. "You're different with them. You understand? You're another Pogba with the Manchester United team. It's not normal.

"With the France team, you're the real Pogba, the Pogba of Juventus, the Pogba that everyone loves. With Manchester, there's something blocking you."

If Pogba does sign for Juventus this summer he will be rejoining the club he spent four successful seasons with between 2012 and 2016.

Pogba won eight trophies in four seasons at Juventus and was named in the Serie A Team of the Year three times.

Paul Pogba pictured smiling ahead of Manchester United's game at Atletico Madrid in February 2022

Paul Pogba was not impressed with the contract offers made to him by Manchester United