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Dana White on a potential return for Brock Lesnar

“Brock looks good, doesn’t he?”

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Dana White has noticed the body transformation of Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar has slimmed his figure while maintaining incredible strength, looking much younger than his age of 46.

“Brock looks good, doesn’t he?” says White. “He always does.”

A former UFC heavyweight champion, Lesnar left a lasting impact in the sport of mixed martial arts. His highlight reel includes defeating Randy Couture for the heavyweight title, then successfully defending it against Frank Mir by TKO at UFC 100.

Lesnar is one of only two fighters to compete at both UFC 100 in 2009 and UFC 200 in 2016, which is where he upended Mark Hunt by unanimous decision before the decision was changed to a no contest after testing positive for a banned substance. With UFC 300 taking place next year, Lesnar would instantly become a noteworthy attraction if he were to fight on the card.

Earlier this month, Lesnar looked outstanding in his SummerSlam match earlier against Cody Rhodes. Following the match, Rhodes told Sports Illustrated that Lesnar was preparing for the match with a strength and conditioning coach. Yet that does not necessarily mean Lesnar is preparing for a comeback to the Octagon.

Even if Lesnar would still be a draw, White does not envision him ever returning to the Octagon.

“I think Brock’s done,” says White. “I don’t think he ever comes back.”

In addition to his work with the UFC, White is also preparing for the second season of Power Slap.

White is the narrator for the new Power Slap Mobile game, which he believes will only serve as a fraction of the new fight league’s success.

The response thus far has been positive–after its introduction earlier this month, Power Slap Mobile became the number-one App Store free game in both the Sports and Action categories, as well as no. two in Free Games.

“I’ve been saying how big this thing is since the beginning,” says White. “And it just keeps getting f------ bigger and bigger and bigger.”

Those familiar with White’s knack at promoting will not be surprised that the ever-evolving game also promotes real-life Power Slap events.

“We’re going to keep adding a ton of sh-- to the game,” says White. “It’s already great, and we’re going to keep making it better and better.”