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PGC Basketball managing director Tyler Coston wants to help refine the way basketball coaches study the game and approach their craft. "Coaches have to be careful, because you can los credibility really fast," Coston says. He joined Dan Dickau on The Iso podcast on Monday to talk about what to address in a postgame talk, the value of a positive outlook and what coaches should constantly ask themselves.

Coston is from Lynden, Wash. and played for small-school powerhouse Lynden Christian before he played college ball in Canada and walks through how his basketball identity was formed, and his non-traditional path into coaching and consulting. He runs Savi Consulting, a newsletter and clinic for coaches.

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The Iso with Dan Dickau is a podcast presented by SBLive Sports and the Bleav Podcast Network, which publishes weekly on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Dickau, a former Gonzaga All-American, NBA vet-turned basketball analyst interviews experts all corners of the sports world from coaches, front office executives to athletes about untold stories, memories and experiences.

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