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By Luke Sanders

Listed below are some of the top stars and best performances last week in Missouri girls high school basketball. If you know of a top star we should include, please let us know in the comments. 

Cady Pauley, Milan

Pauley scored 37 points and added 10 rebounds, 5 assists, and 6 steals in the 69-29 win over Novinger on Wednesday.

Cierra Smith, Grandview

Smith scored 50 points and had 11 rebounds and 8 steals in the 72-34 win over Odessa on Monday. 

Addison Brownfield, Boonville

Brownfield scored 33 points and had seven rebounds, 6 assists and 7 steals in the 65-43 win over Versailles on Thursday. 

Kadie Rounkles, Tina-Avalon

Rounkles scored 22 points and had 10 rebounds in the 51-14 win over Breckenridge on Tuesday. 

Kiley Duchardt, St. Joseph’s

Duchardt scored 17 points and had nine rebounds in the 43-42 victory over South Fort Myers, Fla. on Saturday. 

Kate Restovich, Visitation

Restovich scored 29 points in the 66-45 win over St. Teresa’s on Friday.

Taylor Williams, Often

Williams scored 20 points and totaled 7 rebounds and 7 steals in the 44-21 in over Medicine and Bioscience on Friday. 

Genesis Rhodes, DuBourg 

Rhodes scored 20 points in the 59-20 win over Soldan on Friday. 

Nyla Brooks, University City

Brooks scored 38 points and had three steals despite a 62-61 loss to Fox on Friday. 

Libby Brewster, Francis Howell

Brewster scored 26 points in a 50-39 win over Fort Zumwalt East on Wednesday.

Alicia Hunn, Francis Howell North

Hunn scored 28 points and had 10 rebounds in the 63-55 win over St. Louis Christian Home School on Thursday. 

Jasmine Gray, Pattonville

Gray scored 23 points and totaled 5 rebounds and 4 steals in the 63-37 win over Parkway South. 

Haley Yount, Northwest Cedar Hill

Yount scored 22 points in the 64-10 win over Hazelwood East on Thursday. 

Natalie Harty, Eureka

Harty scored 17 points and had 3 assists and 3 steals in the 71-56 win over Oakville on Thursday. 

Gabby Greer, Summit

Greer scored 20 points and had 10 rebounds despite a 46-45 loss to Notre Dame on Wednesday. 

P.J.Krodinger, St. Pius X

Krodinger scored 20 points and had three steals in the 56-30 win over Carnahan on Wednesday. 

Elizabeth Reed, Washington

Reed scored 18 points and had five rebounds in the 39-31 win over Lindbergh on Wednesday. 

Abby Coe, Seckman

Coe scored 17 points, made five 3-pointers, and had three assists in the 54-47 win on Tuesday. 

Kennedy Horton, Brentwood

Horton scored 29 points and had 10 rebounds in a 63-44 loss to University City on Monday. 

Madison Mertzlufft, Lindbergh

Mertzlufft scored 17 points in the 47-34 win over Parkway North on Monday. 

Ayden Shannon, Wellington-Napoleon

Shannon scored 35 points and had seven steals in the 75-32 win over Sweet Springs on Tuesday. 

India Willis, Macks Creek

Willis scored 35 points and had eight rebounds and eight steals in the 59-35 win over Vienna.