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Vote for best high school mascot in America, Round 1: North Kingstown Skippers vs. Vineland Fighting Clan

North Kingstown (Rhode Island) is the 3 seed and Vineland (New Jersey) is the 14 seed in the South region

The bracket is set for SBLive Sports' 2024 NCAA Tournament-style contest to determine the best high school mascot in America, and Round 1 is underway.

Vote below for the No. 3-seeded North Kingstown Skippers (Rhode Island) or the No. 14-seeded Vineland Fighting Clan (New Jersey) to advance to the second round, where the winner will face either the Camas Papermakers (Washington) or Tabernacle of Prayer Christian Revelators (Virginia).

The Skippers earned a 3 seed by winning last fall's Rhode Island contest with 1,564 votes, while the Fighting Clan won New Jersey with four votes to earn a 14 seed.

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Voting for this matchup will conclude Thursday, March 21, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time.

3. North Kingstown Skippers (Rhode Island)

These aren’t the only Skippers in the country, but there’s no mascot like it at U.S. high school sporting events. A student dresses up in a yellow slicker and hat and goes bonkers on the sidelines to rile the fans up. 

14. Vineland Fighting Clan (New Jersey)

Formerly called the Poultry Clan, the Fighting Clan mascot is rooted in Vineland’s history of chicken farming. Rowdy Rooster stalks the sidelines at Vineland sporting events. 

-- Mike Swanson | | @sblivesports