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Lane Kiffin trolls Alabama, Kalen DeBoer by sharing recruiting story

Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin isn't done trolling Alabama - even after the retirement of Nick Saban

Lane gonna Lane.

Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban may have retired, but apparently that won't stop Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin from trolling the program on social media when he's given the chance.

Or two chances, actually.

On Tuesday morning, Kiffin shared a "BroBible" story with the following headline: "5-Star WR Snubs Kalen DeBoer To Flex New Lamborghini At Texas."

The story discussed former Alabama wide receiver Isaiah Bond's commitment to Texas this weekend.

Shortly after that, Kiffin shared a tweet that read, "Find you someone that looks at you like Kirby Smart does Caleb Downs."

Downs, a freshman at Alabama, was not only one of the nation's best freshmen last season, he was arguably one of the best safeties in the country, starting 14 games and leading the Crimson Tide with 107 tackles.

But after Saban's retirement and the hiring of Kalen DeBoer, Downs has a choice to make.

Will he stay it Tuscaloosa or head elsewhere via the transfer portal?

Kiffin's trolling of the situation has a ring of truth to it.

Georgia coach Kirby Smart, seen embracing Downs in a post-game photo, would be one of many head coaches who would love to add Downs into the mix.

There's still a lot to be determined on that front, and the new era of Alabama football.

But Kiffin stirring the pot on social media isn't going anywhere anytime soon.