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We asked our panel of coaches from around the state to name the players they expect to have the biggest impact in 2018-19. Each coach took into consideration the quality of the player's contributions to their team's ability to win games, as well as the value of their role on their respective teams.

Some players listed may not be stat sheet stuffers, but they are recognized by the coaches as keys to their team's success. This list includes every player that was mentioned by our Coaches Panel.

Aspyn Adams

Mt. Spokane | Senior | Guard

Averi Adams

Mt. Spokane | Senior | Guard

Dominique Arquette.png

Dominique Arquette

Lewis & Clark | Senior | Guard

Daylani Ballena.png

Daylani Ballena

Kentridge | Junior | Guard

Faith Bergstrom

Faith Bergstrom

Camas | Sophomore | Forward

Ellie Boni.png

Ellie Boni

University | Junior | Guard

Nakia Boston.png

Nakia Boston

Lynnwood | Junior | Guard

Erika Brumfield.png

Erika Brumfield

WF West | Senior | Forward

Mae Bryant.png

Mae Bryant

Eastlake | Senior | Guard

Jacinta Buckley 1

Jacinta Buckley

Lewis & Clark | Senior | Forward

Keeli Burton.png

Keeli Burton

Eastlake | Junior | Forward

Kara Choi 1.png

Kara Choi

Bellevue | Junior | Guard

Malia Cortes

Prosser | Freshman | Guard

Marissa Cortes 1.png

Marissa Cortes

Prosser | Senior | Guard

Dalayah Daniels 1.png

Dalayah Daniels

Garfield | Junior | Forward

Callie Delp 1.png

Callie Delp

Zillah | Senior | Guard

Riley Dykstra 1.png

Riley Dykstra

Lynden Christian | Junior | Guard

Meghan Fiso 1.png

Meghan Fiso

West Seattle | Junior | Guard

Belle Frazier 1.png

Belle Frazier

Peninsula | Senior | Guard

Taylor Flores 1.png

Taylor Flores

Auburn Mountainview | Senior | Guard

Claire Gallagher

King's | Sophomore | Guard

Cassidy Gardner 1

Cassidy Gardner

Prairie | Senior | Guard

Haley Hansen 1.png

Haley Hansen

Camas | Senior | Guard

Niveya Henley

Mt. Spokane | Sophomore | Guard

Isabela Hernandez 1.png

Isabela Hernandez

Lynden Christian | Senior | Forward

Haley Huard 1.png

Haley Huard

Eastlake | Sophomore | Guard

Mia Hughes 1.png

Mia Hughes

Woodinville | Sophomore | Guard

Trista Hull 1.png

Trista Hull

La Salle | Sophomore | Forward

Jordyn Jenkins 1.png

Jordyn Jenkins

Kentridge | Junior | Forward

Ashlee Maldonado 1.png

Ashlee Maldonado

Sunnyside | Senior | Guard

Brynna Maxwell 1.png

Brynna Maxwell

Gig Harbor | Junior | Guard

Tyler McCliment Call 1.png

Tyler McCliment-Call

University | Junior | Guard

JaQuaya Miller 1.png

JaQuaya Miller

Kentridge | Senior | Forward

Macey Morales 1.png

Macey Morales

Chiawana | Senior | Guard

Esmereld Morales 1.png

Esmerelda Morales

Bethel | Sophomore | Guard

Emily Nelson 1.png

Emily Nelson

Mt. Spokane | Senior | Forward

Jayda Noble

Mt. Spokane | Junior | Guard

Dakota Patchen 1.png

Dakota Patchen

Colton | Senior | Guard

Alyssa Powell

Mt. Spokane | Senior | Forward

Haley Reed 1.png

Haley Reed

Prairie | Junior | Forward

Shaunice Reed

Franklin | Sophomore | Guard

Emily Rodabaugh 1.png

Emily Rodabaugh

Archbishop Murphy | Senior | Forward

Jolee Sipma 1.png

Jolee Sipma

Meridian | Junior | Guard

Taylor Stephens 1.png

Taylor Stephens

LaCenter | Senior | Forward

Janealle Sutterlict 1.png

Janealle Sutterlict

Wapato | Senior | Guard

Oumou Toure 1.png

Oumou Toure

Kamiakin | Senior | Guard

Danielle Tyler 1.png

Danielle Tyler

Mt. Baker | Senior | Guard

Hailey Van Lith 1.png

Hailey Van Lith

Cashmere | Junior | Guard

Talia von Oelhoffen 1.png

Talia von Oelhoffen

Tri-Cities Prep | Sophomore | Guard

Julianna Walker 1.png

Julianna Walker

Annie Wright | Sophomore | Guard

Ashlynn Wallace 2.png

Ashlynn Wallace

Clarkston | Sophomore | Guard

Brooke Walling

Prairie | Junior | Forward

Elle Watts 1.png

Elle Watts

Lindbergh | Senior | Forward

Tatiana White

La Salle | Senior | Guard

Tomekia Whitman

Central Valley | Senior | Guard

Genesis Wilkinson

East Valley (Spokane) | Senior | Guard

Maisy Williams

Black Hills | Senior | Forward

Jada Wynn

King's | Freshman | Guard

Girls Coaches Panel

Jeff Pietz - Lakeside

Corey Baerlocher - Colfax

Clark Vining - Colton

David Pratt - Mt. Spokane

Alyssa Goins - La Salle

Kyle Bachofner - Prosser

Rob Collins - East Valley (Spokane)

Gabe Medrano - Lewis & Clark

Dan Taylor - King's

Brady Bomber - Lynden Christian

Jamila Jones - Lincoln

Damon Roche - Hockinson

Jeff Droog - Mount Vernon Christian

Russ Riches - Yelm

Brad McDowell - Kentridge

Matt Strophy - Moses Lake