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Washington Governor Jay Inslee's office confirmed to the WIAA on Monday night news that many around the state been bracing for: the cancellation of spring high school sports.

As players, coaches and administrators across the state grapple with how to handle the news, many already organizing ways to honor seniors, the state's top sport-related administrator delivered a heartfelt message, as the nation has in many was come to a halt amid the spread of COVID-19.

"For those of you out there feeling that sense of loss, frustration and anger, those are normal feelings," Hoffman said in a video released Wednesday afternoon by the WIAA. "That is part of this process, it's part of the healing process and we will get through this. There will be better days."

After Inslee first closed all K-12 schools through April 24 and then extended those closure through May 4, the WIAA continuing to plan for an abbreviated season or competition at some level up until — and even past — Monday's press conference held by the governor and state superintendent Chris Reykdal.

"I think most of us knew it was a long shot to save the season, but, boy, we sure wanted to," Hoffman said, "and having to deliver that message was one of the worst days I've ever had in my professional career."

Here is Hoffman's full message, which he said needed a couple of days to gather his thoughts before giving: