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It's got to be frustrating for Angels fans to watch their team continue to build up early leads only to squander them as the innings move on. Things were no different in their Saturday matchup against the Boston Red Sox.

An early 4-0 lead was built up by LA in the first inning thanks to a Grand Slam for Gio Urshela. There was not a better way to start off their second game in the series against Boston but it quickly took a turn for the worst.

Once the eighth inning rolled around, a number of home runs and numerous RBI's led to the Red Sox taking a 7-8 lead and this where errors hurt the Halos for the second straight game. Matt Thaiss was inserted to start at the catcher position for the third time this season and he allowed his glove to hit the batter twice and led to Boston extending their lead to 9-7 (the final score).

Thaiss was more disappointed than anybody else in how the game played out and expressed this in his postgame media session.

“It’s awful,” said Thaiss. “It’s the reason we lost. It stings. I’m sick to my stomach over it. We’ll rebound tomorrow. 

(Via The Orange County Register)

Logan O'Hoppe has been the primary option for the Angels at catcher this year but he is obviously not going to suit up every single game. There is already rumblings that Thaiss' role is not set in stone when Max Stassi returns from his injury and family situation.

These type of slip-ups will only make LA's front office less inclined to keep giving him opportunities. They need every win the can get and the coaching staff needs to take a long, hard look at their lineup when everybody is healthy.