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Angels News: NL Executive Questions If Shohei Ohtani Will Pitch Again

I wouldn't bet against Ohtani!
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After another incredible season, free agent Shohei Ohtani is the talk of the baseball world. His free agency is the most watched of all time and everyone is waiting patiently to see where he will land.

However, Ohtani is currently recovering from a procedure to repair a torn UCL. He won't pitch in 2024 but is hopeful to return to the mound in 2025.

But one MLB executive spoke to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, and is questioning whether Ohtani will ever pitch again, or if he even wants to continue doing so.

“Even if he wants to pitch, who knows how much he’ll be able to,” an NL executive said. “There’s some chance he won’t get over the hump and is done pitching, whether he wants to (continue) or not. The other thing is, 30-year-old pitchers get four-, five-, six- and maybe if they’re really lucky seven-year deals. There is zero chance he’s going to be pitching as long as the likely duration of this deal.”

Per The Athletic

Ohtani has made it clear that he still wants to perform his two-way abilities. It has made him who he is today, and he is in the business of pushing himself to see what he can do.

The biggest issue for Ohtani will be whether he wants to rehab if he does suffer another injury. He is doing so right now after another torn UCL, and he may get tired of it at some point.

Even with this one executive wondering about Ohtani, there is another who told Rosenthal he doesn't see it that way.

“I think he will come back. I think he will pitch very, very successfully for a period of time,” an AL executive said. “What I need to understand is, what is his desire to pitch? How long does he want to pitch? Nez is going to say one thing. But at the root of it, I think this guy’s a hitter. I think that’s what he loves. I don’t know how long he wants to pitch and how long he can successfully continue to do that.”

Per The Athletic

Ohtani has become the biggest show in the sport today, and he has defied what people thought was possible. Nobody knows what the future holds for him as a two-way player, but I sure wouldn't bet against the guy.