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Since he came over to the United States in 2018, Los Angeles Angels two-way superstar Shohei Ohtani has surpassed every expectation surrounding him.

Surely, the guy that became famous for prodigious power and a right arm that can throw a devastating splitter on the mound... one of those skills would fade once he reached the best league in the world.

Three All-Star selections and an MVP Award later, it's safe to say that Ohtani will be wreaking havoc on MLB teams for the next 10 plus seasons.

As for the here and now though, Ohtani hasn't faded one bit. And he's having arguably the strongest season he's ever had.

He's hitting .307/.409/.669 with 40 home runs and 83 RBI with a 3.32 ERA and career low 5.9 H/9 ratio on the mound.

Oh. He also has seven triples and a team high 16 stolen bases for good measure.

All of that's led to Ohtani being the prohibitive favorite in's latest MVP poll.

Here's what David Adler had to say about Ohtani's year.

Who else can pitch a one-hitter in one game of a doubleheader and then blast two home runs in the other game? Nobody else. Ohtani is always one of a kind. He leads the Majors with 40 home runs as a hitter and ranks fifth with 160 strikeouts as a pitcher. If Ohtani blows past 50 homers and 200 K's, we could be watching one of the greatest seasons of all time.

The characterization that he could end up having the best season in MLB history certainly has merit. He's pulled off so many unprecedented things throughout his MLB career already -- his incredible day in Detroit being the highest of high points -- and if he can get to 50 home runs and 200 strikeouts -- which definitely is in the realm of possibility given that there's around two months left in the regular season -- he'll lay claim to that title.

And that title will probably never be eclipsed either.