MLB Insider Suggests Three First Basemen As Houston Astros Trade Targets

The Houston Astros could look into a blockbuster trade for an upgrade at first base before the deadline.
Jun 9, 2024; St. Louis, Missouri, USA; St. Louis Cardinals first base Paul Goldschmidt (46) at bat against the Colorado Rockies at Busch Stadium.
Jun 9, 2024; St. Louis, Missouri, USA; St. Louis Cardinals first base Paul Goldschmidt (46) at bat against the Colorado Rockies at Busch Stadium. / Tim Vizer-USA TODAY Sports
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With the MLB trade deadline about a month and a half away, the Houston Astros will have to decide with direction they want to go.

Are they going to sell off talent? Or are they going to turn into buyers and look to add talent to turn their season around?

Many currently believe that the Astros would be more interested in buying at the deadline than selling. However, that could change depending on how things go in the next month.

Currently, Houston is just 31-38. They are not out of the mix yet, but another month of losing would be devastating to the team's chances of getting back into the playoff race.

If the Astros decide to pursue adding talent, MLB insider Jim Bowden of The Athletic has suggested they could look at acquiring a first baseman.

"Therefore, expect them to be aggressive at this year’s trade deadline. They are focused on adding a starting pitcher and middle reliever and will keep their eyes open for an upgrade at first base, if it makes sense."

Bowden also took a look at potential targets for Houston if they did decided to pursue a trade at first base.

Among the three players he mentioned are Paul Goldschmidt, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., and Pete Alonso.

All three players would be excellent additions for a team trying to get back into the playoff race.

Goldschmidt has not gotten off to a quick start this season, but everyone knows what he's capable of producing. In 2024, he has hit .225/.300/.344 and has added even home runs and 25 RBI. With his contract set to expire at the end of the year, Goldschmidt could be worth being a half-season rental depending on the price tag and potentially be a candidate to be re-signed.

Guerrero would obviously be the most attractive potential trade target on this list. He has hit .281/.370/.408 this season, along with seven home runs and 30 RBI. At 25 years old with future control, Guerrero would be the most expensive but best long-term addition for the Astros.

Finally, a trade for Alonso would also be a half-year rental with the hope of re-signing long-term. His price tag isn't going to be cheap, but he's one of the best pure sluggers in baseball. Alonso has had a solid 2024 campaign, hitting .235/.315/.463 and contributing 14 home runs and 32 RBI.

Expect to see Houston be very active ahead of the trade deadline. They may not end up pursuing a big first baseman trade, but each of these three players would be great additions if the price made sense.

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