A's are Ready for a Virtual Vacation

John Hickey

It may not be time to return to baseball stadiums yet, but it may be time to hit the road.

The Oakland A’s are asking fans on their Twitter page (@athletics), to send photos and name their dream spring break vacation destination.

The A’s are teaming up with Southwest Airlines to take those photos and turn them into a virtual vocation, responding with a souvenir photo.

A’s players have jumped into the fray. Center fielder Ramon Laureano settled on Morocco as his destination. For starting pitcher Jesus Luzardo picked Isla Culebra (Snake Island) in Puerto Rico.

Third baseman Matt Chapman spun the globe and settled on Tulum on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and second baseman Tony Kemp chose the Maldives.

This is the second outreach by the A’s is to their fans, particularly those who find themselves spending all their time at home in this age of self-isolation due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Last week, in their Baseball at Home Series, they invited fans to send in videos that the team broadcasters would then do voiceover play-by-play work on fans’ backyard baseball games.