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A's Raise Ticket Prices for August 5th Protest Game vs. S.F. Giants

A's fans are planning another protest during that game and will be handing out rally towels as part of a third fan-funded giveaway
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There has been some chatter on social media about the ticket prices going up for the August 5th Battle of the Bay game versus the San Francisco Giants, which just so happens to be the next protest game for the A's fanbase in what they've deemed the "Summer of Sell." While it's true that the lowest price for tickets is $44 for a seat at the back of the third deck, there also aren't a ton of those seats available.

By no means am I here to defend John Fisher. What he has put A's fans through since he took over ownership has turned a lot of fans away and made even some of the ones that still loved this team more disinterested with how he has chosen to run this club. Raising ticket prices also feels familiar, since the team charged more for season tickets after their own "Off-season of Off-loading" before the 2022 season which saw Matt Olson, Matt Chapman, Chris Bassitt, and Sean Manaea traded to various teams.

The only pushback that'll I'll give here is that in a lot of the sections that still have tickets, there aren't that many remaining. In section 317 (the third deck right behind home plate), there are a total of five seats remaining. This feels more like regular owner money grab stuff instead of punishing the fans. 

Fans have also pointed out that the prices for Sunday's game, also against the Giants, are at regular levels. The price for the same seats in the third deck on Sunday are currently listed at $39, or $5 less. The $27 tickets that are available are in sections 235-245, above the outfield bleachers and some come with an obstructed view, and there are only a handful of those left. 

Take a look at which sections have availability for Saturday and Sunday. The Saturday game has been more popular, and tickets are a little more expensive because of it. That feels like regular dynamic pricing in an effort to maximize revenue, which is something all businesses do. 

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Again, I'm not trying to defend the A's owner in any way, but this particular instance just feels like a billionaire trying to price gouge his fans the usual way. 

As for the protest in question, there will be a third fan-funded giveaway before the game in the parking lot. This time, the item handed out will be rally towels. 

If you would like to donate some rally towels to be handed out, they are $3 each and will just be delivered to the Coliseum for the game. Last Dive Bar and the Oakland 68's (the two fan groups that are organizing the giveaway) do note that if you donate and hope to receive a rally towel for yourself that it's best to get there early. They are handed out on a first come, first serve basis, and with prices being slightly inflated, may as well show up early to get your money's worth.