Looking at the Athletics From a Chicago-Based Point of View

The Oakland Athletics are a known quantity in the Bay Area. But for baseball fans from Chicago, who have only seen Central Division baseball this year, the A's are a bit of a mystery. Here's a view from the Windy City on the A's.
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How do the Oakland A’s appear to someone not on the West Coast, someone not anywhere near the Bay Area?

Say in Chicago, where their team is the White Sox and where they might wear green and gold on St. Patrick’s Day, but relative few times otherwise.

Our compadres at SI’s South Side Hit Pen, who focus on all things White Sox, gave their readers a look at the A’s from 2000 miles away.

Not surprisingly, their starting point is MoneyBall, the events of which took place almost two decades ago, and the film of which has been around for a decade. Brad Pitt as Billy Beane. Well, OK.

Also, the A’s are referred to as “your enemy.” That seems a bit harsh to me, but maybe that plays differently to Upper Midwest sensibilities.

So have a look here, and let us know what you think.

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