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Full List of A's Donations to Nevada Politicians

The A's spent nearly $100,000 in political donations to Nevada politicians that voted on SB1
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Yesterday was the deadline for Nevada politicians running for office again in 2024 to file their C&E reports. With those filings came some insight into just how much the A's were donating to each member of the legislature following the approval of $380 million in public funding for the team's proposed ballpark in Las Vegas. 

Not everyone that voted "yes" on SB1 received a donation from the A's, though most of them did. Of the 38 "yes" votes, 30 of them received at least $1,000 in campaign donations. Scott Hammond did not receive a donation, but he also now works for the Nevada governor. 

Another "yes" vote that didn't receive a donation is Bea Duran. After the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported in October that she and a dozen other legislators received more than $33 million from the state during the last legislative session, she decided to not run for re-election. Cameron Miller is running for city council after being named in the same article and also did not receive a donation. 

Steve "we don't tolerate losing in Las Vegas" Yeager received $10,000, and you can bookmark that. Majority Leader Nicole Cannizaro also received $10,000. Their contributions are the most handed out by the A's, along with a couple of Clark County Commissioners. Cannizaro and Yeager ran the Senate and the Assembly last session. 

Phillip P.K. O'Neill and Sandra Jauregui were the minority and majority leaders in the assembly and received $5,000 each. Marilyn Dondero Loop is the only other representative to receive $5,000, and that could be because she serves in District 8, which is located in the Las Vegas Valley in Clark County. 

The two Clark County Commissioners to receive donations are William McCurdy II, who was sworn in back in 2021, and Michael Naft. Each received $10,000. 

One of the most anticipated payouts on Tuesday was senator Fabian Doñate, who went from a heated exchange with A's president Dave Kaval during the hearing, to a "yes" vote not too long after. He received a $2,000 donation. Here is that interaction with Kaval.

In total, it appears as though the A's donated $67,000 to the people that voted "yes" to SB1 and another $20,000 to the two Clark County Commissioners. 

In an interesting twist, even a few of the "no" votes received donations. Nine of the 23 no's received a contribution, with seven representatives getting $1,000, while Rochelle Nguyen and Melanie Scheible received $2,000. 

In total, that is $98,000, though there were a couple of other voters that didn't have a C&E on file as of Tuesday night, so the total could end up being a little higher. 

Below is a spreadsheet of all of the representatives, how they voted, and how much they received. If they have a "0" next to their name, they had a C&E on file and no contribution from the A's. "NR" is not running. If the field is blank, then they didn't have a C&E, which could mean that they hadn't filed it yet, or that they are not running again in 2024. The order is alphabetical through the Assembly, then through the Senate. 

Most of the list can be found here.

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