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The Blue Jays' stadium revamp is taking shape.

With 84 days until the 2023 home opener, the Jays unveiled additional details around the Rogers Centre renovation, including new social spaces in the outfield, bleacher seats, and new food items available around the park.

During a media tour of the renovation site, the Jays provided a clearer picture of what the stadium will look like after Phase 1 of the renovation this offseason. Below, find some new renderings of social spaces provided by the team, updated renovation photos, and a few notes about the Rogers Centre changes ahead of next season.

"We want these places to be for everyone," Marnie Starkman, Toronto's EVP of Business Operations, said, "and to welcome people who have never come here before."

What To Know About The Reno:

  • Completion Date: Phase 1 of the renovations will be done for Toronto's first 2023 home game, on April 11th against Detroit. The second phase, focused more on the 100-level and the infield, will be completed next offseason

  • New Capacity: Stadium capacity is expected to drop around seven percent (just over 3000 seats) for 2023 and will drop further ahead of the 2024 season.

  • Changing Outfield Wall: A new asymmetrical outfield wall is one of the most significant on-field changes for next year. The new wall is expected to make Rogers Centre a slightly more batter-friendly environment, but exact dimensions and park effects will be unveiled during Spring Training.

  • Four New 'Outfield Neighborhoods':  Most of Tuesday's media tour was focused on the four new social spaces Rogers Centre will house in the outfield next season—two on the 100-level and two on the 500-level.

    The 'outfield neighborhoods' include a Corona Rooftop Patio in the 500-level right field, a family-friendly park in left, and two themed bars along the 100-level that sit behind the batter's eye and overlook the road bullpen.

  • Fresh Food Options: The new social spaces and bars will house new food items for the ballpark in 2023, including Jamaican beef patties, Banh Mi sandwiches, grilled cheeses, brownie sundaes, milkshakes, mac and cheese with Montreal smoked meat, Cuban sandwiches, and brioche pretzel bites.

  • Raised Bullpens: The foundations of new home and road bullpens are already complete ahead of next season. The new 'pens will bring warming relievers up to eye level with fans sitting in the outfield and also have separate reliever warm-up areas below the mounds, underground.

  • Bleacher Seats: Beside the raised road bullpen in right field, the Jays will add over one full section of old-school bleacher-style seats for fans looking for a more classic baseball viewing experience.

  • New Seats: All of Rogers Centre's 500-level seats will be replaced ahead of next season, while the rest of the seating will be replaced next offseason. The new seats are wider than the originals and angled toward home plate. The old 500-level seats will not be available for purchase.