Atlanta Braves Duo Rallying Team While Building on All-Star Bids

Marcell Ozuna and Reynaldo López have been bright spots on a struggling Atlanta Braves team.
Atlanta Braves designated hitter Marcell Ozuna is having an All-Star season.
Atlanta Braves designated hitter Marcell Ozuna is having an All-Star season. / Jordan Godfree-USA TODAY Sports
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Yesterday, the Atlanta Braves broke a potential five-game losing streak with a resounding 6-3 victory over the Baltimore Orioles. The standout performer was the 6-1 225-pound right-hander Reynaldo López, who matched his season high for strikeouts with eight.

While he was outstanding yesterday, it is just a small sample size of how dominant the 30-year-old has been. 

López is currently amid his most successful season, a testament to his growth and development. 

In his first season with the Braves, the Dominican Republic native has performed admirably in a starter's role. As the Major League Baseball leader with the lowest ERA at 1.69, it is an impressive feat, considering that he hasn’t been a full-time starter since his time with the Chicago White Sox in 2019. 

While López may not be getting the team's run support as in years past, he states that he is gaining confidence in his pitching abilities with each outing. 

However, he is not the only Dominican native performing at a high level for manager Brian Snitker in 2024. 

Marcell Ozuna has been among the best hitters in the National League in '24. 

Since joining the Braves in 2020, designated hitter/former outfield Marcell Ozuna has had quite the rollercoaster tenure. It's been quite the ride, from inconsistent fielding issues to legal matters off the diamond to hitting 40 home runs last season. This season he has stepped up to the plate and become one of the team’s most reliable players as the team’s designated hitter. He is the team leader in the following offensive categories:

  • *Adjusted OPS+ - 178
  • *At Bats Per HR – 13.4
  • *Base-Out Runs Added – 27.11
  • *Base-Out Wins Added – 2.7
  • Batting Average - .320
  • Championship WPA – 1.8
  • Hits - 77
  • *Home Runs - 18
  • *Offensive Win Percentage -.790
  • On Base Percentage - .392
  • *On-Base Plus Slugging -.994
  • *RBI’s - 55
  • Runs - 39
  • *Slugging Percentage - .602
  • *Win Probability Added – 2.7

(* denotes NL leader in category)

In his 5th year with the club, Ozuna has undoubtedly taken a step forward and is leading from the front to get the offense back into rhythm. 

The two Dominican Republic natives are keeping the Atlanta Braves amid contention; without them, the season would look a lot bleaker than it already appears to some.

CJ Errickson