Before Dayton Moore went to Kansas City and won a World Series as the Royals' general manager, he was an assistant to John Schuerholz in Atlanta's front office. Many believed he might replace Schuerholz as the man in charge in Atlanta.

Many still wish it had happened, but Moore trusted his instincts and went to the Royals, the team he had grown up rooting for as a kid. And within a decade of taking the main job, Moore had the Royals as champions.

Moore is one of the best men you will ever meet. He's just good people. He's an even-keeled man who takes his time making decisions. He trusts people he has working for them and he listens. He's what a good executive is all about.

I saw this first-hand when I covered Moore's minor league system with the Braves. That's what he was in charge of, and it was a well-oiled machine. It was obvious this was a man who would lead an organization successfully one day.

Dayton just gets it. He gets baseball. He gets life. And with baseball in its most challenging season ever, with players worried about the future, Moore proved that again Friday in a conference call with the media.

The Royals have pledged to not only keep all their minor leaguers but to continue paying them the $400 weekly stipend. The Royals will also not have any layoffs or furloughs in the organization.

Truthfully, no one who knows Dayton Moore is surprised. This is who he is. He wants to take care of the people who help make his organization what it is.

The Braves would be wise to follow the lead of a man who once worked for them. Simply do the right thing.

They released 30 players in the last few weeks, but truthfully those players likely would have been let go in spring training anyway. But when it comes to doing what they can for the people who work for them now, the Braves should continue to what they can. They should support everyone who is trying to get through this and wait until normalcy - of whatever form that will take - resumes.

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